4 Tips When Choosing A Venue For An Event


Organizing an event can be overwhelming. Yes, it is exciting and ultimately rewarding in the end, but it’s a lot of work that involves a stressful process of decision-making. Where do you prefer your event be held? Do you already have options for caterers? Would you need sounds and lights coordinators for the event?

There are a lot of things to consider but the most important decision of all is to find a venue that is perfect for the event with all things considered as this affects the flow of the whole program and general experience of the people. Also, everything else falls into place once you’ve chosen a good location.

It will be stressful but do know that it will all be a success in the end. Here are a few things you should consider when looking for the best venue for your upcoming event:


Obviously, this is the first thing you bear in mind. Chances are you already thought of great places for an event, big or small, however, think of places with the attendees in mind.

If you’re planning a local event, make it a priority to choose a venue that is within a reasonable distance to your target attendees whether it’s from their home or workplace. If it’s a large event that would need some attendees to fly down there for a couple of days, a venue near the airport or hotel would be ideal. In addition to that, consider the public transportation and parking options for your attendees for ease. If attending your event is within reach and less of a hassle, then you’re likely to attract many people.

Number of guests

Having a target number of attendees is an important factor in the process and when choosing a venue. Of course, if your event expects 80 people in attendance, you’d look for a venue that accommodates the number of people you estimate to come. If you invite more than the venue can manage, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Be sure that you foresee circumstances such as this. If you offer an RSVP or confirmation of attendance, much better.


Before you head out and scout for a venue location, do a research first and make a few email or phone inquiries. Also, do sit down with your staff first before this to determine the concrete budget for your event so you can make sure that you have enough to cover for the venue, catering service, decorations, and the works.


Will you need the use of WiFi during the event? If you’re serving food and beverages, does the venue have a kitchen? Are lights and sounds provided for by the venue or would you need to rent a third party provider?

Confirm what amenities and other services are included in the venue. If they provide extra fees for each, determine the overall costs and see if you’d save a lot more without sacrificing quality.

When you’ve got a great venue booked, could be a hotel conference venue or a wedding event place, it can be the determining factor on whether or not the event will be a success. Also, your choice of venue more than less affects the overall process of planning, so plan carefully.

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