Office Diaries: Beating Your Best Record

office diary

Do you feel stuck?

Are you bored of doing the same things at work?

Do you feel as if you lost your passion along the way?

Does everything seem to be in black and there’s nothing that can get you back on track?

You are not alone in your struggle. A lot of young professionals and corporate hustlers of twenty and thirty-somethings are in a similar state. They feel the ups and downs of life, but some days, the adversity in a corporate center weigh more than the positive in a situation. The office staff is hustling from 9-to-5 hunch their backs instead of shrugging off the stress. They stopped performing. They kept themselves from being their best self in the workplace.

Instead of feeling this way, why not beat your record? Why not push yourself to do something new? If you have no idea how to go about it, here’s how are five ways to conquer your office blues.

  1. Seek help.

Asking for help doesn’t mean you allow them to take over your duties or take charge of the situation. It indicates you acknowledge your need for support. Reaching out to people when you can’t figure things on your makes lifts off the pressure and burden to accomplish everything by yourself. You open yourself to a community when you speak up which is one way of minimizing isolation.

  1. Enter new doors.

Following a plan is fine but concentrating on a path without considering other things that may occur in your life is how a fixed mindset work. People with this kind of mindset are likely to stay the same. Moreover, they will not find growth in any job no matter what position. Meanwhile, being flexible enables you to assess your progress. It also gives you a view of the opportunities in your way which will help you step up and move forward.

  1. Uncover the source of your inaction.

Your feelings and thoughts come from different sources. It can stem from past events, social interactions,  conditioning, and activities. All of these things can trigger unexpected responses from you. People who don’t quite understand themselves are those who have not unveiled all sides of their personality. As much as possible, get to know yourself. Know which parts of your life need fixing. That way, you will know how to remain faithful to your character without sacrificing your values.

  1. Avoid stressing about things that won’t be changed.

A day at the office is full of unexpected events and circumstances. Still, it is a chance to work towards your goals and ambition. The combination results in a yin and yan effect which may vary from time to time. The effect is out of your control, so it’s no use to worry about it 24/7.

Other things can also influence the course of your day. Client response, business environment, industry competition, and the claims of stakeholders are examples of external factors that disrupt the usual workflow. Think of these factors before spiraling into anxiety.

  1. Let go of grudges.

A highly-competitive working environment is intense. Employees work themselves over the edge which can be a source of tension. When this happens, exchanges of ideas can turn into sparring. Ego, pride, and ambition will get in the way, and hell breaks loose. If you disagreed in the past, its time to forgive the colleague or partner. Release the hate and negative feelings in your system. These weigh you down and impact your ability to perform your best when at work.

  1. Compete with yourself.

You shouldn’t compare yourself to any person but you. When you improve your skills, pacing, and manners, its effects bounce back to you. You become twice the person you were before. Your value increases as productivity levels rise, knowledge expands, and social circles widen. At the same time, you limit comparison with other people as you channel your competitive spirit inwards. In the end, you gain confidence and positive disposition.

Following any of the six steps can help you bounce back from burnout and frustration. These steps will help you focus on what’s important while on the job. Whether it’s the BGC Corporate Center environment, a task, goal, or aspiration, this guide will improve your interaction in the workplace.

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