The Top 5 Reasons Energy-efficient Replacement Windows Pay for Themselves


Have you heard the summer heat prediction? The upcoming summer season is predicted by experts to be one of the hottest on record across the entire United States. Are you prepared for the high cost of cooling your home? Considering we just came out of one of the coldest winters—ever—this heat prediction is not news you want to hear!

Perhaps you are looking at ways to reduce your monthly bills. Replacement windows are a great starting point. Here’s why.

How Energy-efficient Replacement Windows Pay for Themselves

Save money on heating and air conditioning your home

When you ditch old windows and upgrade to energy-efficient replacement windows, you’ll save money on your heating and air conditioning right from the word “go.”  I’m talking about drastic savings month after month! In fact, the most recent data provided by EnergyStar reported that replacing older single pane windows with energy-efficient windows can net an annual savings of a whopping of between $126 to $465 annually. The wide range is due to variables such as your home’s square footage and the heating and cooling zone where you reside.

Save on HVAC maintenance and replace it less often

All mechanical equipment must be kept in tip-top shape!  Your HVAC unit is no exception to the rule.When it runs more frequently, the more the system will experience wear and tear.Installing energy-efficient replacement windows will keep your home less drafty and will result in less demand on your system to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Because your new windows will decrease the demand on your HVAC unit, the system will require fewer service calls throughout its life expectancy. In addition, it will likely remain in service for several additional years, defraying replacement costs. This, alone, can save you big money (think in the thousands) over the years that you live in your home.

Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance companies offer certain discounts for replacement windows.This is because new windows deter burglars better than wood-framed windows with old, weak locks. The likelihood of them shelling out payment on a burglary claim on a home with old windows is greater. Therefore, they reward you with discounts for upgrading to new windows. Also, if your residence is in a hurricane-zone or earthquake-zone, there may be additional discounts available for certain types of shatter-resistant glass.

Call your insurance agent to learn if these discounts are available in your area. These small discounts could potentially add up to money back in your pocket.

Spend less money on home maintenance

Do you live in an older home? Does your home have single pane windows? Do your windows have wood frames?


If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you probably must maintain those windows every year to keep them draft-free. You have an annual ritual of scraping away paint, pulling out the dried-up caulking that’s sealing out the bugs and drafts, adding fresh caulking, and re-painting the whole thing. That old single pane is a real pain (pardon me) to maintain and is costing you a hundred bucks a year.

Spend less on pests

If you need monthly pest control services, look at your old windows. Older windows are a common entry point for insects and even rodents. As windows age, the frames weaken and rot, allowing in those common household pests! They can get under your siding and eat away at your home, make their way inside, and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Replacement windows can spare you that monthly pest control bill as well as the cost of mitigating pest control damage in the future.

In conclusion, energy-efficient replacement windows are, indeed, a steep investment. However, the monthly costs you save add up to a significant long-term savings that allows you to live better and in a home that’s more comfortable!

Author Bio: Dan Hatcher is the owner of Zen Windows Austin. Dan has been educating homeowners on replacement windows in Austin TX for over 20 years. Dan is proud to provide his customers with top customer service. When he’s not working with and writing about windows, Dan is an avid Houston Astros fan.