Guide to Pool Maintenance for Summers


Maintaining your pool in summers can be a really tricky task. It is natural to leave them unattended in the winter months but that leaves us with a number of things to take care of before we can go enjoy a swim in the scorching heat of the summers. There is a lot of investment that goes into maintaining a pool for the summers and we want to make sure you’re spending your money at the right places.

Scrub it clean

One of the foremost things that need to be done for preparing the pool for the occasional swim in the heat is to make sure there is no dirt and sediments inside. Since the pool wasn’t being used for a long while, it is a good practice to scrub the pool clean to avoid algae, mineral buildups and sunscreen marks from ruining the look for your pool. This is extremely crucial unless you want your guests to think you are a scruffy person.

Check your pool filter

Time to pay attention to the single most thing that has been responsible for keeping you pool clean all this while. A lot of things eventually get settled inside the pool filter and keep it from functioning properly. There is a good chance that your Pool Filter has gathered oil and grease in which case it needs to be soaked in some chemicals.

Invest in a vacuum cleaner

If you are one of those people who jump inside the pool whenever you get a chance then we strongly suggest investing in a vacuum cleaner for your pool. It will help you to keep the dirt out and maintain a healthy pool for your family and kids. It might take some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as vacuuming a carpet.

Check for cracks

Your pool might develop cracks over time which can literally suck the fun out of a weekend you decided to spend with your family. Most suspected places to develop a crack include the tile wall which may need immediate attention. There might also be a tear in its vinyl liner which will require you to cal a pro. This may take anywhere between $200-500 depending on the extent of the crack.

Keep the chlorine level in check

A pool that hasn’t been chlorinated looks pretty nasty. On the other hand an over chlorinated pool might attract skin rashes and irritation in the eyes. It is extremely essential to keep the chlorine level in check which is reflective in a pH level of 7.2-7.8. Checking the pH level at least once a week is recommended for the safety of your kids and family. If that seems like too much of a task, then you can invest in a astral pool chlorinator which will do that for you.

Try shocking

A high amount of bacteria can be resting inside your pool that hasn’t been functional for the entire winter season. This bacteria poses a great hazard for you and your family and needs to be effectively dealt with. Shocking your pool is one option that can work wonders for you. What it essentially means is to introduce a large amount of chemicals all at once to kill all the bacteria residing inside your pool. It is advised to wear safety gloves and eyewear while shocking your pool. It might take anywhere between 15 minutes to 8 hours before you can dive into your pool after it is shocked. This should be done twice every summer season that too preferably at night hours.

These abovementioned safety measures will help you get your swimming pool ready for the summer months. It is essential to keep all these measures in check to maintain health and hygiene in the family. Alternatively, you could also go an extra mile buying an astral pool chlorinator which will help in maintaining a safe pH level.