5 Advantages for Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs

Kids with dogs

Kids adore animals, especially dogs. It is a good way to learn about their obligations. But do they get some advantages?

Read this article to learn 5 advantages your kid will get by having a pet dog! You can check some practical things that will help them develop, but also health advantages that will help you decide easier. Also, you can consider a dog a companion to your kid in the childhood!

1. Better Immune System And Stress Level

Scientific research shows that children that grow up near animals, especially dogs, are less allergic to hair and develop fewer allergies at all. Thanks to bacteria and microbes that pets carry on their hair, babies develop immune systems faster. Also, kids in interaction with dogs need fewer drugs during life and are healthier from seasonal flu. Dog`s saliva has an antibacterial effect and protects them from eczema and skin disease. Petting dog reduces stress and nervousness at a young age and lowers depression and anxiety feelings. They make children laugh and produce more positive energy, which can help with developing better surroundings.

2. Learning Routine And Organization

Having a dog is the earliest responsibility that children will have. But, they can`t do it on their own. Your dog must know who the owner is and who to listen to, but that it has to be gentle with kids, especially when they are smaller. Kids should have responsibilities due to their age and possibilities. They need to learn that dogs have the same needs as them, so if they don’t feed them, it will be hungry. Give them small tasks to care about, like collecting toys after it or playing with them every day. When they are more mature, they can feed it every day and later take them for a walk.

3. Having an Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle helps children stay fit and develops skills that will be necessary for later life. Also, children with dogs tend to spend more time indoor and have more activity that involves running or moving in their life. Dogs help them develop better emotional intelligence. Every child has it, but they sooner become compassionate and build self-esteem. Also, they are less selfish since they learn to spend time and share toys with dogs. Once must be known and that is that dogs are animals and that they can react instinctively. So every contact and playing time must be monitored and completely safe for both child and dog.

4. Developing Social Skills

How a dog can help a child develop social skills? Very easy! Your child will see a dog as a companion which leads to having a possible first relationship they will develop. It is a good option to choose to buy or adopt a dog while your child is still young to learn how to properly grow with it. Older dogs may be jealous, so you still have to be careful when introducing a new family member. Interaction with a dog boosts serotonin in the child`s brain and makes them simply happy, so this feeling they develop with a dog is a very firm relationship.

5. Constant Playing Buddy

You may notice it, but even with lots of toys and activities, children can feel lonely. Dogs are always there to make them comfortable and less lonely which is better for their psychological health. You must find the right dog for your child and check if the breed is overall children friendly. There are some high-energetic dog breeds that aren’t recommended for families with small children. You need to show them security and that they can develop trust. They will never be alone and have to imagine new games to play, so this also boosts their creativity and imagination.

Author Bio

Ashley is a dog lover who spends most of her time learning the advantages of dog and children companionship. As a mother of two with two dogs, everything she writes is from experience. She devoted her life to researching therapy dogs and how important they are, so more interesting articles you can find on her website called Petovly.