8 Tips for Working From Home With Kids (Including Toddlers!)

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Do you think that working from home with kids is stressful or even impossible?

You thought wrong!

Working from home is a great way to save time and money, but with good organization, you can even keep your kids at home with you! Read this article to find 8 useful tips on how to work from home with kids, even with toddlers!

Schedule All Activities

Time organization is the most important to get all planned activities done in time. You have to contemplate the schedule of you, your partner, and your child all in one to track all activities easier. Be sure to put it in a visible spot and mark all things that are done. Also, if your child can`t read, you can help with useful pictures that will explain their obligations and make them feel equally important in the family schedule.

Use Their Sleeping Time

Children are the quietest when they – sleep! Use this on your behalf, especially if you have flexible working time. This can be the quietest part of the day and working in the quiet activity that won`t disturb them while sleeping. Also, this will help you concentrate more and get more work done in less time.  This will help you the most with toddlers.

Ensure Them Activities

You have to ensure some types of activities for your children, no matter how old they are! Be sure that they are appropriate for their age and knowledge, so you can be sure that they are completely safe while doing it. Don`t just use television or the Internet as a source of fun and limit the time of watching cartoons. Instead, use brain games and educational plays that will teach them new skills. A good idea is to have a virtual playdate with their friends to develop social skills.

Ensure Them Snacks

Ensuring snacks is equally important for an older kid or toddler. This won`t only save your time during the working hours, but you can also have more time for your kid. You can use a break to have a joint lunch and instead of spending time in the kitchen, you can sit and talk. Also, if they are hungry, be sure to have ready snacks to grab and go. The key is preparation the day before!

Plan Problems And Interruptions

Some problems will always occur, so always have a backup plan in mind. Either using a day off or compensate for work later, be sure to have a flexible schedule to make changes. Also, if you have some interruption during the meeting, don’t be afraid to use the mute button! Your colleagues will understand and transfer your important information.

Set Boundaries

Some boundaries and rules must be, so be sure to set some simple rules. For example, they have to know when it’s time for eating, when they play and have spare time, and when they can talk to you. They must know that you are there for every problem or question they have, but that you are concentrated on your work. Also, they must learn which question is appropriate and when.

Explain What They Ask You

You have to keep good communication with your children and explain your decision for them to understand. This will help you reduce their later questions and make the process of decision.

Ask For Help

Bigger kids are more independent and easily understand that you have your obligations even if you are home. But, toddlers can be tricky. Even if you use their nap time or carry them with you, sometimes you will need help. Arrange a nanny or grandparents to help you and spend at least half of your working time with them. Also, split working hours with a partner as possible and take care of it equally. If you need help with something else than just caring for a child, like chores, never be afraid to ask!

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