5 Non-invasive Beauty Treatments For A Better You

Beauty Treatments

It’s 2018. With the advancement of technology comes along the innovation on the side of the cosmetics industry. Gone are the days where you have to go under the knife for eliminating unwanted body fats or smoothening sagging skin.

Thanks to non-invasive treatments, you can get rid of fat in many non-surgery treatments and get fuller lips in minutes. Non-invasive treatments are subtle enhancements and have little to no downtime.

If you’re looking for ways on how you can enhance your features and feel more confident about yourself, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few game-changing non-invasive beauty treatments that won’t scare you away and instead, convince you to finally push through with your decision to improve your look:

Lip Injections

Arguably made more popular by Kylie Jenner, lip injections or fillers are the way to go if you want to don the Angelina Jolie pout or simply just want to enhance your lips especially if you get insecure with its asymmetrical appearance.

This procedure is done with either Juvederm or fat from your own body transferred to the area of treatment. Before this, you’ll have a topical numbing agent spread to the area. Once the procedure is done, you can immediately go back to your normal routine. And if in case you decide to undo the procedure, you can have it dissolved!


Botulinum toxin, popularly known as botox, is used to temporarily immobilize the muscles on and around the area when injected. Botox is commonly used for preventing full-on creasing of wrinkles, unwanted lines, and sagging. This treatment may take a couple of days to fully heal to see its final result. But the effect can last for months and longer if maintained.

Laser facial treatments

If you’re looking for ways to treat acne, large pores, acne scars, and other skin imperfections, fractional laser has your back. This quick and painless treatment can give results in a few days.

A topical numbing agent will be applied to the area then followed by a laser wand moving across the area(s) to be treated such as face and neck. Redness after the treatment is normal and will subside in a few days. If you’re looking to brighten your face, this is the treatment to go for.


Microdermabrasion is a simple procedure which can be done in a dermatological clinic or a spa. The procedure utilizes fine crystals to sand the face to lift away the impurities and dead skin cells. It aims to enhance your skin texture and greatly helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and creases.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peel is a popular treatment for people suffering from acne scars and sun damage. The peel’s strength vary on the case. This treatment requires enough recovery time since immediately after the procedure, you’ll step out of the clinic with a presumably sunburned face. It will scab and peel in 3-5 days and will reveal a more youthful and plump glow.

Any beauty treatments you’ve been eyeing on lately? Check out the non-invasive treatments offered by your reliable aesthetician or dermatologist.

About the author: Chie is a writer for Geniale, a Skin Cancer and Medical Aesthetic Center that exists to achieve brilliance in cosmetic, medical and surgical care and to promote wellness and wellbeing in all they deliver.