DWI Attorneys Give You Tips On Driving To Safely With Kids In The Car


Road trips can be a lot of fun. You shouldn’t have to give up these adventures just because you have a parent. Exploring the road can actually be even more fun when you can share these experiences with your child. The cries of excitement, the scenic views, and the family bonding should make you even more excited to go on your next road trip. With that said, you’ll want to be a little bit more careful if you have your kids in your car. Children tend to be excited and energetic, which means it can be hard to keep them calm and safe in the car. Keep these tips in mind, and you should be able to overcome all of the challenges of road trips with a child.

1. Check Seat Belts

Obviously, it’s essential that everyone in your car wears a seatbelt, even if there’s no one around to write you a ticket. Buckling up isn’t just the law. Seatbelts are an essential part of vehicle safety. Being securely strapped in could even save your life! Make sure you have your own seatbelt securely fastened; show your kids that you take safety seriously. Always take the time to buckle in your child properly. If the straps are twisted, you should straighten them off and make sure they’re securely fastened before you take off. You should also explain to your children why wearing a seatbelt is so important. A squirming kid might be able to unbuckle their straps. If your child understands why they need to be buckled in, they’ll be less likely to make an escape attempt. Unfortunately, car accidents are incredibly common and DWI attorneys want you to know that it is very important to put your seat belts on anytime you are inside the car! Safety comes first.

2. Keep Your Kids In The Back Seat

It can be tempting to keep your child up front with you as you drive. However, experts recommend that children under 10 years of age always sit in the back seat. Why is this? The front seats of cars were designed for adults. If your child is in the front seat, they could easily be injured. Keep your kids buckled up in the back where they’ll be safe and secure. In many cases, countries actually have laws that require small children to ride in a car’s rear seats. Stick to the laws in your area and make sure you stay safe.

3. Don’t Leave Your Children In The Car Unattended

Tragically, many young children have lost their lives in closed cars. Cars can become very hot very quickly, which can be fatal to a child. If you’re leaving the car, your children should come with you. Even leaving your child for a few minutes could put them at risk.

4. Keeping The Doors Locked

You won’t be able to control your children while you are driving. You need to make sure that your child can’t unlock the doors and open them. Enable child locks once everyone is seated. That way, your child’s door won’t be opened until you’re ready to let them out.

5. Keep Your Car Tidy

Clear away any loose items in your car. Don’t leave any heavy items stored behind the back seat. Loose items can move across the car during a fast stop, which can leave to an injury.

6. Keep All Body Parts Safely Inside The Vehicle

If you have to open up your windows, make sure your child keeps every part of their body safely inside the car. Sticking a hand out the window could lead to an injury.

7. Traveling With Kids And Pets

If you’re going to be traveling with a pet as well, you should pick up a pet harness. You should be able to secure a harness with a seatbelt. A harness can make sure both your kids and your pets can be safe during the car ride. If your pet is moving around, it could cause major problems. “Distractions are also a big cause of car accidents” explained the DWI attorneys.

8. Dealing With Nausea

Your kids might become car sick during a long drive. This is especially common for younger children. When the car is in motion, you’ll want your children to avoid books or tablet screens. If you’re worried about motion sickness, you may want to give your child a doctor-approved anti-nausea medication before you leave.

9. Extra Booster Seats

If you happen to have an extra, empty booster seat in your vehicle, buckle it in. You don’t want it to move around as you drive.

10. Talk To Your Kids

Your kids will have more fun in the car if you chat with them. Having a conversation doesn’t have to be distracting, and it can keep your children happy and engaged. It can even help with nausea. Talk to your kids about the sights you’re seeing now and the places you’re going to visit. If you chat in the car, you’ll arrive at your destination before you know it! Keep these tips in mind the next time you hit the road with your kids. These suggestions from DWI attorneys will help you get through your road trip safely.

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