5 Of The Best Antique Pieces As An Investment

Antique Pieces

We all love the look and feel of fine antiques, and while many people surround themselves with antique furniture because they like to have quality items around, others are mainly looking for a sound investment. While almost all antique pieces will appreciate in value over time, some increase in value a lot more than others, and with that in mind, here is a list of fine antique pieces that are always in great demand, and are therefore highly valued.

  1. The Antique Timepiece – Both pocket watches and grandfather clocks are in high demand, and if the item in question is in very good condition, you can expect to receive top prices, should you ever wish to sell. Grandfather clocks, in particular, do demand a high level of care, and must be kept in the right environment, with no exposure to direct sunlight.
  2. Desks & Bureaus – Military chests, writing desks and bureaus are always in demand, and if you fancy the idea of having a writing desk in your study that has a long and colourful history, making an acquisition now could pay handsome dividends in a couple of decades from now. Fine antique furniture or vintage furniture for sale is so well made that it will still be in great condition many years from now. If you are at all unsure on which item to buy, you can consult with your local antique dealer, who can offer you the wealth of his considerable experience.
  3. Antique Treen – Treen is any small item that is made from wood, and with careful buying of antique treen from trusted dealers, you can expect your hand-crafted wooden items to increase in value. Wood carvings and intricate jewellery boxes are particularly valuable, providing they are genuine and in pristine condition, while cigar boxes are also highly sought after. If you join forces with a reputable online antique dealer, they would have many connections with other dealers and can therefore source most items without an issue.
  4. Long-Term Proposition – If you are looking to make a profit from an antique item, then you must be prepared to hold on to it for many years, so any item that you expect to use in your home for a long time could be viewed as an investment piece. Obviously, its condition must be top notch when you acquire it, and over the years, it needs to be cared for well, which should see the item appreciate in value over 15-20 years. There are a few tips from the pros on buying antique furniture, which you can find online.
  5. Antique Jewellery – Generally speaking, antique jewellery is always a sound investment, particularly if it is older than 200 years, and whatever style you prefer, keep your antique jewellery in a suitable jewellery box, which will help to protect the items. Regular cleaning also helps, especially if you wear the item often. If you are worried about damaging an item, you could always have it professionally cleaned, just to be on the safe side.

All of the above are normally good investments, and by opting for pieces that you find attractive, you can enjoy many years of pleasure and enjoyment before you decide to liquidate the asset.