A Brief Synopsis on Belt Buckles and Their Applications

Belt buckle

Buckles are devices or clasps that use a very simple mechanism which helps in fastening or tightening two loose ends. The buckle is usually attached to one end of the belt, strap or band and holds the other end in a secure lock with the help of an adjustable mechanism.

Nowadays, the most common types of buckles are belt buckles that are worn by both men and women to tighten their jeans and trousers. There are different types of buckles and people can choose such belt buckles according to their taste. Apart from being an integral part of apparels, belt buckles also have other types of applications and used for securing different types of items.

The first usage of buckles goes back to the date when Roman soldiers would use this particular item in order to strap the armour together on the coagulum and boletus. These buckles belts were usually made out of bronze and leather. These belt buckles helped in securing their body armour and kept their weapons intact. Cowboys also use belt buckles as an important aspect in their clothing. Nowadays, you can find some detachable belt buckles in the market and you can use them with your exiting belts. You can use the same belt with different types of buckles.

The Different Types Of Belt Buckles Are:

  1. Frame-style buckle: It is one of the oldest designs with a frame and prong system. In this type of design, the prong is attached to one end and can be passed through the frame. The prong is anchored against the other side of the frame.
  2. Plate style buckles: Western military belts used this design in the middle of the 19th century with a three-hook clasp feature.
  3. Box-out buckles: This is the most common and traditional belt that is used nowadays. The band or strap is made using leather or a synthetic material while the buckles have become more fashionable with different designs.
  4. Box-frame buckles: This is the 20th century military friction buckles. The mechanism of this belt is complicated but is specifically designed for military usage.

Present Scenario Surrounding Belt Buckles

Previously, buckles gained popularity according to the design but these days they gain popularity through their companies. Since every company has understood the basic mechanism of a belt buckle, they are all experimenting on the different styles that can be introduced in the market. Smaller companies are relying on their designs because the market has become open to new types of designs that are unique and comfortable to wear. Today, you can find some belt buckles designed with metals, and you can find them in different designs and patterns. Engraving logos on these buckles can be used as a marketing tool of your company and you can customize such buckles for your brand promotion.

Previously, the buckle was the only thing that mattered but these days, consumers and manufacturers have also started to focus on the strap or belt. A recent survey has stated that consumers choose a belt according to the material of the strap. Since both the components form an integral part in making a belt, they should be paid equal attention from the perspective of the manufacturers and suppliers.

Buckles can also be customized on special demand by approaching the necessary source. There are a couple of companies who can be easily found on the internet. They provide extremely good quality buckles with the design that has been requested by the customer. It will provide a completely new flair to the appearance of the person and create a lasting impression.