5 Practical Tips for Living in Singapore


Whether you’re looking for a new place to live or have been living in Singapore your entire life, you have to admit that this is one of the coolest and most exciting places in the entire world. This country combines an urban lifestyle with a rural background in the best way possible, giving everyone a chance to live life to the fullest. If you too are thinking about relocating there in the near future or simply want to introduce a few changes in your everyday life, here are five practical tips for living in Singapore that might quite a lot to you in the long run. 

Learn the language

This may sound like the oldest trick in the book and one of the most generic tips out there, but it really is among the most important things when it comes to living in Singapore. Of course, learning the language isn’t that important when you’re visiting this place for a week or two, but it’s crucial if you decide to spend some time there – or decide to move there forever.

What’s great, though, is that most people in Singapore actually speak English – it’s the most popular and widely-spread language out there! This means more people speak English than Mandarin or Malay, so you may be able to communicate to locals more easily than you’ve anticipated. 

Get ready to get sweaty

Most people think they know how hot Singapore is, but the fact is that they really don’t. Here’s a small hint – it’s hotter than you can imagine! Since its global position and proximity to the equator, Singapore is hot almost all year long, which is why it’s harder to control the sweatiness and keep the heat strokes to a minimum.

What you need to do, therefore, is get ready in advance. Being prepared for the heat means you won’t be surprised by the climate and will know how to dress appropriately. If you’re visiting Singapore on vacation, be sure to avoid the hot and the monsoon season, so look into these details asap.

Be careful with your money

While most of us think that living in Singapore is cheaper than anywhere in the world, it’s actually not. On the contrary, Singapore has a very developed local economy, which is why its standard of living is rather high. Therefore, you have to be careful when coming to live here and be prepared to spend quite a substantial amount of money.

Getting creative with your credit card is one of the things that can help you avoid spending too much money. You should look into your options and find a solution that works for you the most, whether it’s applying for a new credit card or getting an amazing unlimited cash back credit card that’s one of the best options you can find. This way, you’ll be able to control your expenses and limit them, but still continue to live comfortably – and that’s what we all want!

Use alternative transportation

For a place with so many people, Singapore is reasonably hard to get around, especially in a car. Yes, this transportation method is the most convenient, but it’s not always the easiest. Streets can get pretty crowded, and getting from point A to point B in a short period of time can be quite challenging. But, if you’re not afraid to explore other transportation methods, you can solve this problem very easily.

Using public transportation, for instance, will help you quite a lot because it’s cheap, fast, and very punctual. You could also opt for bicycles or motorcycles, but this too can be a problem when it comes to traffic. Don’t forget about the number of traffic lights everywhere you go, so be sure to leave your home on time, wherever you’re going.

Eat whatever you can

The food is a huge part of life in Singapore, and if you want to feel like a local, you need to explore the local cuisine too. This isn’t always easy, especially if you’re used to eating just one sort of food only, but if you’re open-minded and not afraid to take risks, you might easily find the tastiest food you’ve ever had.

Some of the most popular dishes include bak kut teh, dim sum, and laksa – but these are just a few meals you can start with. Once you learn a bit more about food in Singapore, you’re going to find your favorite restaurants as well, and then your food adventure can really begin!

Feeling like a local in Singapore is easier than most people. All you have to do is act naturally and be polite – people there are nice and friendly, and they’ll welcome you with open arms, so be sure to act that way as well. And if you follow these five tips, you’ll feel great in Singapore no matter how long you’re staying!