5 Reasons You Need To Include Weed In Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Treatments

We are always looking for the best beauty routine to keep our skin and hair at their best. Going online, you will find numerous tips and tricks on how to maintain luscious hair, glowing face, and blemish-free skin. But all that work will surely take up time and a huge part of our paycheck. If you’re looking for something simple to add to your usual beauty routine, I’ve some surprising news for you, buy weed online and add it to your routine. I know it seems out there but there have been a number of studies that support its benefits.

Stimulates Hair

It was once commonly believed that if you smoke weed, all your hair would fall out. I guess that was only something people say to dissuade kids from ever trying pot. What is true, though, is that weed can actually encourage hair growth. Cannabis contains CBD, a natural anti-inflammatory, as well as other nutrients and essential fatty acids that are needed for a healthy scalp and superior hair.

Treats Acne

This might come off as a surprise to many but cannabis can actually cure acne. Why? Well, one of the active compounds found in weed is CBD. This is a milder form of THC. It’s not responsible for getting you high but it has anti-inflammatory properties. Acne, as we all know, is due to an infection due to a clogged pore. CBD acts on acne in two ways. One, it decreases the production of sebum, the oily substance that gets clogged. And two, it prevents inflammation that creates those angry red pustules.

It’s Anti-Aging

Many of us fear the thought of growing old so we do what we can to maintain our ideal look. In this part, cannabis can be of service. The compounds in cannabis are known to be anti-oxidant. Meaning, they are able to remove the harmful toxins and free radicals that cause damage to many of our skin cells. Not only that, applying topical cannabis product on our skin not only tightens the skin, it also helps to moisturize it.

Strengthens Hair

Cannabis can also be used to strengthen your hair. As mentioned earlier, cannabis contains fatty acids and essential nutrients that are important to the overall health of the scalp and hair. These proteins can also help to rebuild damaged hair and revitalize existing ones.

Treats Inflammation

Our skin is the usual site of localized inflammation. Whether it is a simple skin rash, eczema, or psoriasis, the anti-inflammatory property of cannabis can help soothe that inflammation. A topical application of cannabis oil on the affected area can do wonders to the inflammation you’re experiencing. And because it is also a powerful antioxidant, it can also help heal it faster.

We are only scraping the surface of the full benefits of cannabis. In time and with more research we will know more of its benefits to our health and well-being. But in the meantime, we can use it to keep us looking good. So the next time someone asks why your skin is glowing and your hair extra shiny, you can smile and say, “because of weed.”