List of Best Kids Dental Hospital in Delhi NCR Location

Your child well being is your first big concern and oral health is the most important part of this process. Regular dental visits are important for your child because the dentist will help to keep your child’s teeth and gum healthy. During the dental checkups, dental professional will remove any tartar and plaque from your child’s teeth and make it beautiful. Here is a list of kids dental hospitals in Delhi NCR location.

Clove Dental

Clove Dental is one of the best dental clinic hospitals in India and has many clinics in Delhi location. Clove dental have an expert team of dentist to deal with kids teeth. They offer some services for kids…

  • Examination of infants and teens
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Habit counseling
  • Correction of crooked teeth
  • Tooth cavities
  • Dental injuries

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Dr. Shweta’s Dental Clinic

This clinic is specialized with the oral care of children. All the dentists have received training in child psychology, growth, and development. According to this dental clinic, this clinic is an ideal choice for children with fear and behavior problem. Here is some treatment offered by the clinic….

  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Space Maintainer
  • Tooth-Eruption
  • Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
  • Encourage Brushing & Flossing
  • Check-ups every six months

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Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry (Delhi dental)

Dr. Kathuria has a experts team of dental surgeons and deals with any type of dental problem. They can also educate your child about oral habits. They can organize monthly or weekly check if your child has dental issue. Here are some treatment offers by the clinic….

  • 2-min Fluoride Applications
  • Pit & Fissure Seals
  • Fluoride Fillings
  • Orthodontic Assesment
  • Habit Breaking Appliances
  • Space Maintainers
  • Scaling & Polishing Of Teeth
  • Coloured Glittering Fillings

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The Dental Roots

The team of DentalRoots is specialized or experience to take care of the dental health of children of all ages. They offer oral fun activities or games for kids for their regular visit….

  • Oral Hygiene Instructions for kids
  • Nutritional Counselling and diet
  • Fluoride
  • Sealants

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Kidz Dental Centre

Kidz Dental center is specialised to deal with the kids dental problem. They give special attention to each kid and their oral health. They offer services….

  • Pediatric Dental Consultation and Counseling
  • Baby Dental Checkup
  • Hygiene Program
  • Diet Counseling
  • Cavity check and Fluoride use
  • Treatment and Remodeling of fractured teeth
  • Painfree & Anxiety free procedures under laughing gas
  • Pediatric Orthodontics
  • Infection Control

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Rainbow Hospitals

Rainbow is a child hospital and deals with any child health issue. This hospital is started on 14th November 1999 on the children day. This hospital awarded by many many News channels. They have not mentioned the dental services on their website. You can check out the link for more info:

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