5 Tech Gadgets You Can Use As Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories

With technology having become an integral part of our everyday lives a long time ago, we’ve absolutely mastered functionality and practicality. There’s an app for pretty much anything, gadgets are sleek and innovative, multiplying rapidly, and we’re generally used to getting organized and staying on top with the help of our little high tech friends. But for those who are looking for more out of their gadgets, this has been taken even further. Numerous fashion brands have been collaborating with tech companies to produce some amazing solutions, and more and more people are using gadgets to express their personal sense of style. And it’s so much fun!

1. Luggage

Technology has been incorporated into luggage – and we’re so thankful for that. We demand of our luggage to be durable, lightweight and well designed, but now you can also get personalized pieces from brands such as Away, with a built-in charger that will power up your phone or tablet when you most need it, so you don’t have to stick around charging stations at airports.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry meets high tech, the very definition of gadgets being used as fashion accessories. There is plenty of examples, such as the collaboration of Tory Burch with FitBit or Kate Spade’s bangle tracker, but our favourite by far is the Bellabeat Leaf Pendant, which is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be synced with an app to keep track of nutrition, sleeping habits, physical activity and reproductive health. This one’s for you, ladies.

3. Audio

Since most of us walk around with our headphones and earbuds, we might as well wear them in style, right? Stelle Audio has brought us some great pieces, such as the earbud locket – a necklace which holds Bluetooth earbuds and controls the audio, so you can change the volume for you music or answer phone calls. Rebecca Minkoff has designed a variety of clutch purses (also for Stelle) that encase speakers so you can actually carry a sound system with you. And for the gentlemen who want to bring the party with them as well, there may not be a nifty purse, but there is plenty of stylish options.

4. Phone Cases

We don’t wear the same thing every day, and neither do our phones have to, so let’s mix things up a little and see what happens. Smartphone cases from companies like Personal Digital are a perfect opportunity to express yourself and bring style into your everyday life. The options are vast, and numerous mirror selfies have shown us the joy people get from something as simple as a phone case.

5. Cameras

The realm of cameras has truly stretched far, and every year amazes us with some really cool new products. Michael Kors has collaborated with Fujifilm to bring us a retro-inspired, glamorous Instax camera that has a built-in printer and frontal mirror to help you out with the selfies when necessary. Also, there is a variety of wearable cameras, which are very practical for filming during activities, or experimenting with documentary film.  Some of them are so tiny and unnoticeable that you will feel like a superspy while wearing one!

So, there you have it, some neat ways to match style and technology with a personal touch so it’s not all just „sleek and futuristic“. The term „tech fashion“ has been coined, and we see this phenomenon every day on the streets and even on runways. Embrace the age we live in and use it to your advantage, for it really is the time when any object can take a highly aestheticized form.

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