Delhi Chokes and Gasps for Breath – Primary Causes for the Declining Air Quality Index


Delhi – the capital of the Indian subcontinent has been in the news again but not for the right reasons. The people here are literally choking to death as the entire National Capital Region is engulfed by monstrous smog that is taking the habitants’ breath away, literally.

With the Air Quality Index touching the 448 mark on a 500 scale, in the first week of November, it has already reached the severe category. The changing weather conditions have locked the pollution within the air corridors and have further deteriorated the situation. Doctors have been discouraging people to venture outside during this time and have also said about the dire consequences that you may face otherwise.

But in order to provide a proper solution, it is a must that we know the major causes of this heightened level of pollution that has turned the city into a gas chamber and almost an inhabitable land.

So here an attempt is being made to bring to light the various cause of air pollution in Delhi so that apt measures can be taken to reduce these practices or discard them completely.

Just read on to have some idea.

  • Crop Burning by Neighbouring States – Delhi is a city that is flanked by Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Crop burning by the farmers of these states is one of the primary reasons of air pollution in India. In Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, the farmers burn rice stubbles. The states are estimated to burn almost 35-36 million tonnes of crops. The dust particles and the pollutants that are locked in the air are then carried by the wind. Rs. 100 per quintal has been sought by the Punjab Government from the Central Govt. for discouraging the farmers from burning the stubble.
  • Vehicular Wastes – The worsening quality of the Delhi air is largely because of the vehicular emissions. The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) have estimated the vehicular emission contribution to about 6.5-6.7 percent while the estimated amount is said to be almost 30 percent by the Urban Emission. The emissions of two-wheelers are also quite notable which is about 40-60 percent as suggested by the IIT Delhi’s Centre of Atmospheric Studies.
  • Open Burning of Wastes – Huge land plots are turned to garbage dumps and when these are set on fire they become huge sources of pollution. The National Green Tribunal has dimmed it illegal to burn these fields of garbage. But this practise is quite frequent and common in Delhi. It is a myth that MSW or Municipal Solid Waste is not burned in Delhi. A study has revealed that Delhi burns about 190-246 tons/day of the MSW which is about 2-3 percent of about 8390 tons/day waste being generated in total.
  • Industrial Smoke – About 20-21 percent of the toxic gases in the air are because of the industrial smoke. A recent study by the IIT Kanpur suggests that restaurants and the power plants are the biggest sources of Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur di-Oxide. It has been said that about 98 percent of these pollutants are released by the industries.
  • Diesel Generators – October 17th, 2017 saw Delhi’s air quality level entering the “Red Zone” that indicated hazardous quality of air. Naturally, the Environment Pollution Prevention and Control Authority was concerned with this outcome. As a result of that, diesel engines were banned that contributed about 15 percent of the city’s air pollution. Apart from that, the Supreme Court also ordered that the Badarpur Thermal Power Plant to be shut down. Similar was the case with the millions of the brick kilns where the alternative technology was not adopted.
  • Over-population – Though this is not a direct reason like the ones mentioned above the over population of the capital has played a significant role in enhancing the pollution level. The overpopulation only adds up to the various types of pollution like noise or air pollution.
  • Large-scale Construction – Another culprit of the Delhi air pollution is the large scale construction that has added on to the pollution and the dust. A number of such sites are stalled to reduce the pollution as instructed by the Delhi Government.

The above are some of the major causes of the rising air pollution in Delhi that put at stake the lives of many. If we do not take the apt steps now then it will be too late for us to take control of the situation. Just like for treating a disease we have to go for the right medicine from an authentic online medical store similarly for preventing this pollution and smog from engulfing us it is necessary to make an effort now.

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