5 Things That Could Go Wrong During an Air Conditioning Installation


Air conditioning systems are the basic need of every family where the temperature is high during the summers. In tropical countries, while building an apartment or a house, there are gaps left in the walls for installing window or split air conditioners. Also, power outlets are provided during the time of construction for air conditioners. However, on might not install air conditioners during the construction of the house it might be installed later too or the position or the place for installing it might change. Therefore, while air conditioning installation there are certain factors that need to be taken care of. Ignoring these important factors can cause havoc like a dirty air conditioning filter, poor ductwork and the likes of these.

Here are 5 things that can go utterly wrong during air conditioning installation:

#1. Hiring Unprofessional Installers

There are a number of problems that might arise when the manpower you hire are basically unprofessional or quack mechanics who act as helping hands for all your small electrical fixes. Air conditioning installation is a complex procedure as an air conditioner being placed involves working with the power line which increases the risk of any electricity related accident if proper knowledge is not applied while installing. Always look to it that the person you have hired has proper license as the contractor. Moreover, make sure that you have educated yourself enough to supervise the whole process of installations.

#2. Wrong Size of The AC Unit

This poses as a pertinent problem. It is quite possible and natural to make the mistake of selecting the wrong size of the air conditioning unit during the process of air conditioning installation. If the AC unit is too small, then it won’t be able to keep the desired temperature stable in the room or house. In case the unit is oversized, proper dehumidification is prevented, and the unit too can wear off from being on and off repeatedly.

#3. Wires That Remain Exposed

Always keep in mind that the work of installation is never a sloppy one. Wiring work is very integral for the AC to function well and also avoid any electrical hazards or any accidents in the future. Exposed wires possess a great risk of overheating or causing unfortunate accidents. Even after the workers you have hired are done with their job, make sure to check for yourself if there are any wires that are left exposed or unprotected in the wiring.

#4. Insulation Lacking on The Suction Line

Any kind of refrigerant makes it a must to have a very firm and rough insulation along the suction line. In the absence of insulation efficiency of the unit is impeded and also the risk of accident or hazard is increased. The same problem may also be created in the case where the correct and appropriate material for insulation is not chosen or the insulation is done in an inefficient way.

#5. Correct Angle of Suction Lines

Installing an air conditioner has lots of intricacies involved and technical soundness is required for the job to be finished smoothly. The suction lines have to be installed properly. The angle of installation should also be checked and managed properly.  If the suction lines are not installed at right angles, then there is room for 60 feet of resistance left. In such a scenario the air conditioner has to work hard to function and keep the temperature of the room stable. This puts the machine under strain and pressure for cooling the room or house… The suction lines need to be installed at the right angles.

Now you are aware that air conditioning installation requires a great deal of delicate and efficient work and care. You need to be extra careful in hiring the right people for installing air condition.