Five Best Movies for Graduating Students


Senior year in college is hell on Earth. And as the graduation date approaches, things start to feel like getting to the end of a dynamite’s fuse. Because while it would feel like you are ready to crawl with only an inch of your life left after college, there is an even bigger thing looming just beyond graduation day. Your first job. The real world. Like most graduates, the thought of having to hold full responsibility of yourself, from your everyday existence to being able to function as a responsible and mature member of society, is enough to drive one to bouts of anxiety. And somehow, four years of college can never prepare anyone fully for that.

Now while that would feel like carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and that there is no sign of a bright future in the next years ahead of you, do cheer up. While we all know that college students eat stress for breakfast, life need not be too bad. And though there may be more struggles up ahead after graduation, do have confidence that you have what it takes to make it good in life. You survived college. That is already one accomplishment badge that you can proudly wear.

So how to deal with pre-graduation stress? While the answer to that might require an entire thesis paper to explain, it doesn’t really need rocket science to know that stress can be handled well if we just take the time to think and be ready to tackle it head on.

So first things first: have a plan. Except for the lucky few who have gotten job offers prior to graduation, job hunting is always the survival of the fittest. However, stay grounded and be realistic of your expectations and plans. Prepare for a back up plan that can allow you to have something to fall back on, just in case things don’t go according to how you first planned it. It is ok to ask for help, and it is fine to not get the dream job immediately. What matters is that you are stable, physically, mentally, and emotionally, to deal with whatever adult life throws at you. Include research in your planning. While you still have time before moving on from student life, be sure that you have done the necessary homework to get your plan up and running. Learn about the job market and the jobs that you plan on applying to. Make sure that you have enough data and information to make necessary decisions for yourself.

And lastly, do remember to relax. Take the time to enjoy with your friends, and do the things that you have always wanted to do. It might be more difficult to accomplish those things once the reality of adulthood sinks in. If you get overwhelmed with the pressures of graduating on time, drop everything and take the time to relax yourself. If you are a moviebuff, go get a tub of popcorn and binge watch on some movies that speak of the time you are in now. To make it easier for you, read on to check five movies that would be good for any graduating student.


Okay, let us start with a classic. The title itself is explanatory. The story is about a 20 year old graduate, played by Dustin Hoffman, who seems to be lost on what to do next with his life. He goes back home, and spends his days floating around the pool. And to make his depressed life more complicated, he gets into an affair with an older woman neighbor.


Here is another classic from 1985, which is about a bunch of fresh college graduates. Much like the struggles that all new graduates face, the movie centers around the struggles, joys, and challenges that the characters face as they enter adulthood.


Though this is a movie that is more about college life than about life after it, it is still one that can be a source of much needed encouragement and inspiration. Julia Roberts stars as an art history teacher at an all girls art school, where she raises eyebrows with her unconventional ways of teaching. The movie is empowering, especially to women, and it is basically about believing in yourself and knowing that taking risks is part of pushing life forward in the direction that we want it to be.


This movie is an adaptation from a book and is based on the life of Christopher McCandless, who came from a well to do family and was a top graduate in college. Despite everything going well in his life, he decides to set out on a journey of self discovery and travels across the Alaskan wilderness.


Lastly, this comedy starred by Reese Witherspoon is all about breaking stereotypes, while remaining true to your skin. The lead character is a blond bombshell who decides to tackle Harvard Law School (for all the wrong reasons). She takes on all the challenges and prejudisms in stride and in style. This film is a great tickler, but with a lot of lessons to learn from.

Graduating from college is not like moving to a post apocalyptic world. It just means a beginning of a new chapter in your life. Much like the movies listed above, what you may face ahead of your may in fact be the greatest adventure of your life.


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