5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Hookah


If you’re planning on buying a hookah aka argila aka shisha, there’s a great possibility you don’t know anything about it except that it’s great for parties. Luckily, you came to the right place. This little hookah guide will allow you to pick the best model for your needs and end up with the best smoking experience. 

The origin

Today you can find both modern and traditional hookahs. Modern ones are typically cheaper and manufactured in China, while traditional ones come from Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries. Most traditional argilas are made by hand, while modern ones come from assembly lines. In general, you can recognize a modern hookah by investigating its weight and looking that the materials. These new models are usually made with lighter materials and have no visible welding lines or imperfections. On the other hand, traditional hookahs have more visible imperfections which suggests hand manufacturing. You can also notice more traditional ornamentation connected to the history of the region where it comes from. Most traditional shisha manufacturers have been improving their design for years and years, so these models often tend to smoke better than modern ones. 

The material

When it comes to material, there’s a bit of controversy there. Some hookah aficionados swear on solid brass pipes since they are the heaviest and most durable. They might oxidize, but they will never corrode. But, if you want to keep them looking shiny and clean, you need to give them a good polish every now and then. Other people prefer the combination of stainless steel and brass, but this can be problematic. Very few manufacturers use high-quality stainless steels which means the product will still be vulnerable to rusting and deterioration. On the other hand, modern hookahs tend to be more careful where and most use pipes that are electroplated both on the inside and the outside. 

The height

This is purely a matter of preference of the user. If you need solid advice from experienced smokers, just know that most of them prefer models between 28 and 32 inches tall. This height provides a good smoking experience and is easy to handle. However, if you prefer to travel with your argila, you might want to opt for something smaller. On the other hand, if you love to organize big parties and tend to smoke with many people around, you might want to invest in a bigger model that can be placed on the floor next to your table. Bigger models might also require more shisha, but there’s always argileh delivery to lean on. You can get various shisha heads in different flavors delivered straight to your party! Or you can order an entire setup and try out some hookahs before you buy your own model. 

Hose options

Sure, four hose hookahs look super impressive, but are they really perfect for you? The more hoses the more the performance of the piece decreases and the harder the hookah is to smoke. Why? Because every hose needs to be plugged when not in use, otherwise, the person that’s smoking will have a hard time getting enough suction to pull out any smoke. But, most hookahs with multiple hoses come with rubber stoppers which means your model can easily be converted to a one-hose argila. Some modern hookahs even have a built-in check valve system that makes smoking more manageable. If you’re a beginner smoker, it’s best to grab a single-hose model that will allow you to get to know the world of shisha before you jump onto something more serious. 

The price

You know that old saying “You get what you pay for”? Well, it’s more than true for hookahs. If you get a modern hookah in the U.S. that’s under $30, know what you’re getting a very low-quality product. Spending over $100 will get you a decent product that will last a long time. Some popular brands will also come with a higher price tag than equally good hookahs that are not so recognizable. With that in mind, there are traditional hookahs that cost a lot of money yet fall short due to its imperfect finishing work. 

Now that you know what to consider, you’ll definitely find a good modern for your needs. Make sure you grab something that’s a higher quality and you’ll get a product that will literally last you a lifetime!