5 Things You need to Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer


Divorce is a complicated, stressful, and draining process. It eats you up emotionally, mentally, and financially. It’s never easy for everyone involved especially if there are kids in the middle, who will be the most affected in the process.

For those who have gone, currently in the process, and will go through a divorce, the most difficult part of it is likely the necessity to discuss the moments, important details and information leading to the divorce—with an attorney—a stranger, nonetheless. Since important details and personal information needs to be shared with the lawyer, it’s not uncommon for people to fail in disclosing integral particulars that could put their stance in a negative light.

Being an open book to your attorney and having the initiative to share every important knowledge and facts to your divorce attorney will help speed up the process. They can help lift up the burden of your divorce and allow the both of you to work together in pursuing your interests. Here is the common information you should prepare and discuss with your divorce lawyer:

Relevant documents

When you meet with your lawyer, make sure that you carry all documents you think are necessary and substantial to your discussion with you: titles, post-nuptial agreements, bank and financial statements, separation agreements, credit card statements, and the works. Any document or files you think are relevant to your divorce as well as those you think are supplementary, bring it with you and discuss it with your lawyer. This will help you speed up and make the process easier for you and your lawyer.

Child support

When a couple files for divorce with their children in the middle, child support is legally obligated from both parents more often than not, the other parent lends the support to the parent in charge and on behalf of the children. How much financial support they’re required to provide will be calculated, discussed, and agreed upon in court.

Issues that led to divorce

What led you to finally file for divorce? Whatever the reasons are no matter how petty and obnoxious you think they are, let your lawyer know. If you’ve been in an abusive marriage, adulterous relationship, or one that’s simply going nowhere, open up with your lawyer.

It’s important that they know what had gone wrong and if there were instances of emotional, mental, or physical abuse. They had to know to help you with the case and speed up the process of divorce.

Division of Assets

When it comes to properties and assets, this is where the couple will take a long time to find a middle ground or an agreement that favors both or are agreeable to them. Everything you own as a couple, from your vehicles to your real estate property, you will divide between the two of you. If you have assets in community property states that were acquired during your marriage, these will be equally divided no matter which name appears on the deed or title.

Given this, prepare all your property documents and lay it on the table with your lawyer.


Alimony is perhaps the most controversial aspect of the process of divorce. Depending on the state you are processing your divorce, courts have different measures with regards to the subject. They could determine the alimony as per the length of the marriage, earnings, lifestyle, overall health, child support obligations, and the works. Discuss your financial needs with your lawyer as well as your goals and how long it takes and how much support would you need to reach it.

Divorce can be messy so if there are ways you can make it lighter, do so. Discuss all the relevant information necessary with your divorce lawyer and together, make the process less stressful and a success.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is written for informational purposes only and not intended as an official legal advice. Reach out with a reputable lawyer for more understanding and information about your concern.

About the author: A huge fan of crime tv shows and films, Chie Suarez also has a knack for writing. She writes for Barwick Boitano Lawyers, a firm of lawyers and legal team offering expert advice and legal solutions to clients in Parramatta and Sydney’s western suburbs since 1991.