Top 6 Offline Retail Stores in Delhi


Today, we forget about the offline store in the growing noise of media about ecommerce and discounts. Many of us like to shop online ecommerce website and want to get discounts on each product.

Many people are following the traditional shopping culture in the popularity of Ecommerce site. They like to visit an offline store and purchase the product from these stores. They like to touch and feel the each product in their hands. This will help to check the quality of the product.  In this article, I’m going to share top 6 offline store in Delhi.

Here is the list of top 6 big offline stores in Delhi/NCR.


BigBazaar is the India biggest offline store that deal with food, electronics, fashion, beauty etc products. This store is founded in 2001 and has 250+ stores all over India.

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MoreStore is founded by the Aditya Birla Company and has fourth largest offline supermarket chain in the country. More store deal with Food, Fashion and Home appliances in the country and has 100+ supermarkets in India.

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Reliance Store

Reliance retail is a subsidy company of Reliance industries and founded in the year 2006. This retail store offers food, fashion, lifestyle and electronic items. Reliance has 3,283 stores all over in India.

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FabIndia is the other largest private store that’s dealing with Fashion, furniture and home related products and has 250 stores all over the India. Feb India products are made with traditional technique in hand based products.

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Super 99 is the famous store in Delhi which deals with Kitchen, beauty and home related products and has more than 30+ stores all India.

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Market 99 is a famous store in Delhi which offers Rs.9 to Rs.599 range 5000+ products in the store. Market 99 products are 20-30% cheaper as compared to other stores like Big Bazaar and reliance stores. Market 99 has 15+ stores all over the India.

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Updated 8 Jan 2018

Kendriya Bhandar (Govt. of India)

Kendriya bhandar is another famous store in delhi located which are control by the Govt of India. This store deals with Food, Kitchen, and beauty etc products. Apart from this, you can buy Baba Ramdev products (Patajali) in this store. These store products are 5 – 10% cheaper as compared to other stores.

24 Seven Store

24 seven is another store in Delhi which offer you international shopping experience. This store deal with daily need products, food and cosmetics related products.  There are 45 stores in Delhi location and plan to launch more than 500 stores in Delhi location.

Updated 26 Oct 2018

Spencer’s Store

Spencer’s Retail is an another famous retail chain like big bazaar and having present in over 40+ cities in India. Spencer’s store deals with daily uses products like Food, Apparel, Fashion, Electronic, Lifestyle, Music, Toys and Books. You can get everything from the one roof and you don’t need to visit different stores. For more information you can read our article “Spencer’s Store Review

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