5 Unconventional Things Sydney Has to Offer to Their Visitors


Most travelers are perfectly satisfied with visiting a destination’s most famous sites, but some are always looking for new and exotic ways to experience a country or a city. So, if you belong to the latter group of tourists, you will love Sydney and all its exotic attractions. Here are just some of the weirdest and most interesting things Sydney has to offer. 

Have some giggles

Do you often dream about having a full-blown arcade and entertainment park for adults only? Come to Sydney and you can have a blast at Archie Brother’s Cirque Electriq. Kids are not allowed in after 8 pm, so you can enjoy some child-free fun. Chug on alcoholic shakes with Tim Tams (a must-try Aussie snack), ride bumper cars like a maniac and try to win something really cool on the games of skill and chance. 

Go on a ghost hunt

Sydney is a real treat for supernatural lovers since almost every corner of the city has an alleged ghost or two. However, if you want to see something really eerie, check out Q Station if you dare. This spot near Manly beach used to be a quarantine station for migrants suspected of carrying various contagious diseases. They were held up in Q Station before being allowed to enter the city, so obviously, a lot of people who came here never left. They stayed to haunt the area and spook tourists. Today, you can get a custom-tailored tour that will frighten you to your core, fill your head with all sorts of spooky stories and even allow you to conduct a full-on paranormal investigation! And if you’re truly brave, you can spend the night in the old hospital on the grounds, but that’s really not for the faint of heart. 

Be naughty in the evening

Sydney was given the nickname Sin City at the end of the 20th century because the entire city was riddled with organized crime. However, while Sydney of today is safe and lawful, you can still find a few ways to sin in this vibrant city. If you want to wet your beak while enjoying the view of beautiful girls, you can hit various strip joints. However, there’s something Sydney offers for girls that’s truly special—topless waiters! If you’re having a fun bachelorette party or just having a blast with your girlfriends, you can book topless waiters in Sydney to make your evening even naughtier. These guys will serve you in different levels of nude, so you can truly get familiar with Aussie beauty and sex appeal.  And you though Hemsworth brothers were hot…

Visit secret gardens

This story is sad but also heartwarming. After Wendy Whiteley lost her beloved husband in 1992, she found a truly beautiful way to battle grief and commemorate her man. She started clearing out trash and weeds from an abandoned railway yard in the neighborhood and transformed it into a peaceful oasis. Wendy’s Secret Gardens represent a harmonious balance between busy Sydney parts and its easy-going and nature-loving side. The gardens are lush, green and peaceful, perfect for catching up with your friends among the whimsical sculptures or having a private little date with your SO in one of the nooks and crannies. Even if you go alone, you can still enjoy the greenery and stunning views of the Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge. 

Geek out at museums

Sydney has a bunch of interesting museums perfect for everyone from art lovers to science nerds. However, if you want to see something quite grotesque yet immensely interesting, check out the Museum of Human Disease. This museum is a monument to human health and lack thereof, with over 2,500 specimens of preserved diseased human tissue. Among the many gross exhibits, you can also see a preserved tapeworm, black lungs of smokers and coal miners and many types of tumors, some with teeth and hair growing from them! Once you get used to the sights, this museum is very educational and perfect for boosting your motivation to take better care of your health. 

Alternative ways of having fun will broaden your horizons and even offer a bunch of new knowledge. So, before you hit Sydney, make sure to put these attractions on your itinerary and get ready to explore the city in an unusual way.