5 Reasons to Take A Road trip to Daman


If you’re looking to have a road trip outside Mumbai, you should visit a little town called Daman. It’s a hidden gem located in Western India with beautiful scenery, friendly people, perfect beaches, and buildings famous for their Portuguese colonial architecture. Moreover, Daman is especially a good choice when you are looking for a peaceful vacation or a short trip away from the hustle and bustle of major Indian cities. In this article, you will read more about the city, its prominent attractions and the best places you need to visit on your road trip to Daman.

Modes of Transport to Daman

You can have a short flight from the International Airport in Mumbai to the airport in Daman, which is conveniently located at a distance of 3 kilometers from the center of the city. All major airlines like Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Air Deccan, and Kingfisher operate daily from and to Daman.

For everyone that wants a more affordable option, the nearest railway station Vapi is situated only 12 kilometers from Daman. From there you can travel by bus or you can also hire a taxi. Finally, you can travel by car through the NH-8 road from Mumbai to Daman. 

You will be happy to know that the road is well maintained and you’ll have a chance to enjoy the view of amazing nature along the road. This route generally doesn’t have much traffic, so you will reach Daman in approximately 3 hours.

Where to Stay

There are a lot of places that you can choose for your stay from luxurious resorts to affordable boutique hotels. You can check out the Sandy Resort on the famous Devka beach which is also a very budget-friendly option or the Jash Villa. There also a lot of options on Airbnb for people that want to stay in authentic homes in Daman. For everyone that wants to experience a luxurious stay, you can visit The Gold Beach Resort in Nani Daman or the Deltin Casino and Resort. In Daman there a lot fewer options than the beach resorts in Goa, for instance. Nevertheless, you can expect a top service and delicious cuisine when you stay in Daman. 

Deltin Casino and Resort

While you’re in Daman you might want to check out the first land-based casino India –Deltin. Deltin is an integrated casino and a resort with a luxurious hotel with four banquet halls, two high-end restaurants, a pool, and a gym. In case you don’t want to leave your room or you can’t afford a stay at the Deltin, you can always play online casino games on reputable casino sites like Pure Casino.    On the site you will find your favorite casino games and popular Indian games like Andar Bahar. 


Places to Visit in Daman

As you enter the city you will see the magnificent fortress. The fort of St. Jerome was dedicated to one of the most cherished priests of the Catholic Church. It’s located in an enclosed area with three bastions and two gateways. But, in our opinion, the best part of the building is its view of the sea and the Jain temple decorated with amazing murals of Mahavira.   

Mirasol Lake Garden is one of the major attractions in the city. It’s only 10 minutes away from the nearest beach on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It has a peaceful environment, a garden with a small lake and two man-made islands that are connected by a bridge. You can take a boat ride or enjoy a lovely dinner with your friends in the nearby restaurants located on the islands. 

This city is home to some breathtaking beaches and of the most famous beaches is the beach Jampore. It’s surrounded by the nearby forest which is perfect if you’re traveling in summer and you’re looking for shade. The beach is also ideal for swimming and surfing.