6 Key Facts About Real Estate Investment in Cyprus

Real Estate Investment

For decades, Cyprus enjoyed a political stability which marks it one of the most prominent destinations. It’s widely known for its flourishing democracy that withstood against the recent economic recession. On the contrary, Cyprus is a healthy economy with ever expanding social network making its real estate industry worthy of an investment.

Your options as an investor

Cyprus citizenship by investment programme opens up several options of real estate investments such as profitable investments, net capital gains investment and full investment projects as yet another possibility. You may find lucrative properties either in residential, commercial or hybrid development.

Quality of the projects

To ensure the best outcome of your investment, it’s important to check accuracy of the architectural and development plan, quality of materials and finishes at every stage of project’s construction. Carefully dig into primary and additional aspects, furnishing and equipment that you as a buyer would find essential and rather a must-have. Always probe the company and the properties being marketed for assurance of a safe and profitable investment.

Location of the project’s development

Geography has a huge impact on the entire investment which is why careful assessment of the property itself as well as all surrounding areas must be performed before taking any final decision. Some of the best locations in Cyprus are the city centre and coastline for commercial development and coastal divisions for residential constructs.

The prime reason is preference of investors who benefit most from the blend of city centre amenities and close proximity to the beach for comfort, relaxation and amazing sea vistas. Still, the Cyprus citizenship by investment programme has plenty of options for those who prefer peaceful comfort of the suburban lifestyle.

Venture in Limassol, Cyprus

Following the end of the recession cycle, Limassol witnessed high growth and swift development with emergence of some of the largest projects due to sufficient investments in multiple ventures. Cyprus fulfils many different aspects per the investor’s interest that guarantees profitability overtime.

Some of the most common factors are economic growth, political constancy, Mediterranean climate all year long, modern infrastructure, health and education facilities, religious freedom and much more. Local Cypriots always respect and welcome investors from all over the world since they contribute towards strengthening if the country and its economy.

Reasons to invest in Cyprus

There’re many different and lucrative reasons to choose Cyprus as your ultimate stay destination. The warm climate, affordable cost of living, comparably low crime rate, abundance of education options, state-of-the-art health system, religious freedom, a network of amazing restaurants and pure natural beauty are only a few known benefits.

Demand for property acquisition

Recent statistics revealed a growing demand for valuable properties, especially residential villas having worth greater than two-million pounds. Many obtain Cyprus citizenship real estate investment with preference on villas as compared to the luxury apartments.


All the above details are valid proof of the growing market of Cypriot real estate as well as citizenship. Now is the time to invest since it’s the start of New Year 2018 with more benefits.

By: Hassaan Javaid