Top 12 Indoor Plants Which Can Enhance Appearance And Productivity Of Your Office


Having plants in an environment benefits both the employees as well the employers. It has been proved, that they also make the office appearance more appealing to the visitors/clients. They can also be used as partitions in an office. They can contribute to reducing the stress and eliminate the air pollutants.
In this article, information is given on plants which can not only add greenery but also provide health benefits. But one caution. Ensure there is enough sunlight and water, or the plants can suffer an early demise

1.Jade Plant

It is a small plant with small flowers. The advantage – you do not have to water it regularly. In Japan, this plant is respected as the money plant. The legend of the Japanese terms the presence of this plant will bring financial success. Now you know why many offices have this plant in their finance section.

2. Peace Lily

The Peace Lily can fill some of the office space. But you get one benefit, it will clean the air. The advantage – it has the capacity to grow in low lights. Do you have an office that does not have windows or the place has little sunlight? Then this plant is ideal for the situation.
To keep the plant healthy, ensure the pot contains rich loose soil. The plant should get adequate water. Never allow the soil to become dry.

3. Chinese Evergreen

Similar to the Jade Plant, this variety also requires little maintenance and low light. Benefit – It can eradicate toxins in the air.

4. Snake Plant

It has sharp tips at the end of each leaf. The dark green leaves have dashes of yellow green on the exterior side. You can create natural partitions from this plant.

5. Cactus

Hear the name, and the image of desert automatically comes to mind. They come in various shapes and varieties. But sunlight is essential. If you have got a big window and cactus is used, then it is ideal. If you forget to water them, then they can sustain for few days.

6. Warneck Dracaena

DO you want your office environment to be partitioned by plants? Then Warneck Dracaena is the ideal plant. If the office is recently painted, then it can eradicate polluntants in oils and varnsishes. Is the office lined with hardwood floors? Then this is the ideal plant.

7. ZZ Plant

One of the low maintenance plants fit for the office environment. Some plants also produce flowers.

8. Aloe Vera

They also come in various shapes and sizes. But select a small sized one and you get an automatic natural air filter. It can remove pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde in the air. The gel of the plant is used to treat cuts as well burns.

9. Golden pothos

Another plant that can easily fit in the low maintenance category. Touted as one of the top air cleaners in office environment. And perfect for low light places.

10. Lemon Balm

These plants emit fragrance and can enhance your mood. This plant can sustain any condition, low light or full light. So if you have an office packed with energy and stress, this plant is an ideal choice.

11. Philodendron

Think of the plant and you can feel the lush and greenery. Also beneficial, since it cleans the air of carbon-di-oxide to enhance the productivity of employees.

12. Spider Plant

The spider plant can be seen in high shelves as well hanging baskets. A low maintenance plant, it can easily make its living in the shade or partial sunlight. It has been proved; this plant can remove pollutants and VOCs from the air.


Are you an entrepreneur who has recently opened an office in Pune? Have you opened a company where you offer skilled carpenters in Pune at the customers’ doorstep? The office is set and completed. But you want to have a vibrant atmosphere. Your team gives the idea of bringing some plants to beautify the environment.

Many of the plants cited in this article have the ability to control pollution and make your office a clean environment. However, there are thousands of plants which provide splendor to their surroundings. But the fact is you should provide the ideal living conditions for the plant. If you do, these plants can take your office to the next level of success.
SO Good Luck in choosing the plants for your indoor office!