Why Father-Daughter Relationships Are Essential to Her Future

Father-Daughter Relationships

Let’s be honest with ourselves, one of the hardest things you have to do in life is raising kids. Sure, having a family is a wonderful experience, but properly raising your child isn’t an easy feat.

Both parents are important when it comes to bringing up kids, but this idea of segregation that dads should focus on the boys while mom takes care of the girls is just not right. Actually, both parents play a paramount role in the upbringing of kids. When it comes to daughters, the fathers play a very special role in their lives.

While mother might be good at helping, their daughters learn right from wrong, it’s the dads that show them how a girl should be treated, feel protected, and encouraged.

1. A Father Who is Involved in His Daughter’s Life Shows Her that She Matters

Fathers can make a huge difference in their daughters’ lives by just showing up. But it’s not down to just showing up at events like a recital or a soccer game; it’s about always being there and lending an ear or a hug.

By always being there and offering her unconditional love and support, dads can show their daughters that they always matter.

2. Fathers can Influence their Daughter’s Self-Image and Self-Esteem

Every happy little girl feels like she’s a princess because her dad often reminded her of how beautiful she was both on the inside and outside.

But what also has a significant impact is what a father says about other women in the presence of their daughters. If you start making negative comments about a female celebrity’s appearance, you can be sure that she’s listening and internalizing all of that.

Further, it also comes down to how dads are treating their wives, the moms. You can bet that she’s watching and listening to your interaction with her mother.

3. Fathers have the Potential to Empower Their Daughters

When you grow hearing your father tell you that you can do anything that you set your mind to, you will start to believe it and pursue your dreams. This kind of influence a father has over his daughter can’t be underestimated.

4. Fathers will Influence Who She Dates

Whether you like it or not, fathers set the standard for future dates. If she sees you treating her and her mother well, she’s going to grow up to expect that from a perspective partner.

So, practice chivalry, engage her in conversation and treat her with respect from day one.

5. Protective Fathers have Daughters Who Always Feel Safe

She may not like you being overprotective during her teen years, but she will grow up to appreciate a father’s protective instincts. She will become an adult that knows that her father will be there, no matter what at any time of the day or night. Females that don’t have the love of a father usually grow up having women issues later on in life.

That’s just what fathers are for, so don’t feel bad of your natural protective instincts.

Both parents, teachers and her peers will have an influence on her life, but loving fathers will have an important role in her future, according to Dr. Everett of Kirkland Family Dentistry in Kirkland, WA.