6 Must-do’s Before Going On a Road Trip

road trip

Even if we assume you have your route planned and your accommodation booked, there are still things you need to cover prior to setting off on your road trip. These may be perceived as minor which is exactly why they tend to be forgotten, but once they come up as an issue during your trip, you will be glad you had them covered in due time.

Stay on track

Get a hold of a GPS device and make sure you have the latest software available installed. This will reduce the number of surprises on the road ahead of you and keep you from getting lost. It might be a good idea to obtain a reliable road map. If you have one, check to see how old it is. You may want to buy a new one if the one you have is too old. There may be new roads and intersections built in the meantime and this is something you would want to be aware of.

Alphabetize your belongings

You do not really have to alphabetized but make sure you have them organized. Whichever type of bag you decided to have on you, be it a hand bag or a backpack, it has to contain only the things required for this road trip. Throw out any left-over items from the last time you used the bag and do the same thing with your wallet and the glow compartment of your car. Have your documents handy, as well as your phone, at least a bottle of water and a change of clean clothes. Think of anything else in these lines and make sure you have them within a hand’s reach.

Cover your back

You can never be too safe so obtain an insurance policy for both your car and yourself. Make sure your passengers do the same thing. It depends on where you are from and where you are traveling to but it is possible that you will need to contact your credit card people and your phone provider. Your credit card issuer may be alerted if they see a lot of activity happening out of your area and assume that the card was stolen. You don’t want them blocking your card for security reasons as it may cause hassle and leave you moneyless. Also, if you are leaving your country for this trip, contact the phone provider to check the rates and possible deals they have for travelers.

Think about those you are leaving behind

Ask one of your friends or neighbors to stop by your house daily to water your plants, feed your pets, and generally make sure everything is in order. They could also collect your mail even if it is just advertising as you do not want it to appear as if there was no one home. Cancel your newspaper subscription and inform your milkman about you going away.

Leave everything the way you would like to find it

A road-trip is a type of holiday which is fun and adventures but not really relaxing. The last thing you want to do when you come back is clean up the mess you created while packing. Pack in time and give yourself a couple of extra hours to tidy everything up so you do not have to when you come back, though there will be some dusting involved, nothing too serious.  Make sure you unplug any devices that are not required to be on while you are away, empty your fridge and take out the trash.

Prepare your car

Give it a wash, have a look at the tires, fill it up and take it to a mechanic. The friendliest mechanic Granville has to offer kindly recommends hiring a professional to have a quick look of your car. There are a couple of things that need to be checked e.g. fluids, brakes, your car battery etc. They know where to look and they will be able to do it in no time. You can use the time you have saved to continue getting ready.

Knowing that you have taken care of everything will help you relax and enhance your traveling experience.