Understand The Importance Of Shade Sails


Shade sails are devices that help in creating outdoor shade based on the working of a sail used in ships. These sails contain a flexible membrane that is tensioned with the help of several different anchor points. These are permanently installed, cost effective, and can be easily set up for use. These are specially designed for public gathering places such as playgrounds and seating areas where usually the strong radiation from the sun is felt on daily basis. Since staying out in the sun in such areas might prove to be lethal for many people, these sails protect people from the radiation and skin diseases like skin cancer and sunburn.

Characteristics of A Good Shade Sail

Industrial quality of shade cloth is typically used for manufacturing the shade sails. Some of the best companies manufacture shade sails with the help of HVG Fabrics, Polybag fabrics, and Rainbow shade. The other characteristics found in good shade sails are-

A good shade sail company provides a 10-year warranty on the fabrics and a maximum protection from UV rays. The corners of the sails are reinforced for better durability and strength. The hardware is installed with the help of double webbing layers. The hems of good shade sails are stitched with double locks because it will not unravel when one side gets damaged.


Good shade sails are made up of waterproof fabrics, can resist any kind of fire, and can withstand long-term wear and tear. Also, these shade sails are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The most commonly used  shade sails are mostly in the shape of square, triangle, or rectangle. This type of shade sails are the most trending types of sails. A combination of different kinds of sails can be built on each other with different shapes and sizes to boost the overall appearance of the environment where the shade sail is installed.

Most of the quality-based shade sails are built with the help of computer aided design. Because of the evolution of various technologies, shade sails can be crafted with the help of 3D visual presentation. The fabric used for shade sails should have consistency in the fabric and should have been vetted properly before using the design of the sail. The best thing about shade sails is the number of design options that are available in the market. A sail that is visually exciting is much different when looking at the heights of different fixing points. As everyone knows the sun comes out in the East and goes down in the West, keeping this in mind, the sail should be designed in such a way that the shade should be maximized during the afternoon.

After all, the planning and design of a structure is strategized by the supplier. He is always ready to fix the necessary fixtures with the sail’s support. If a customized sail is used, it is very important to remember and install the points from a very reasonable distance on the ends of the sail that are tensioned with the help of pulleys or turnbuckles.

The overall size of the area, where the sail needs to be installed should be considered because there are ready-made options that are available in the market. These ready-made options might reduce the overall budget and help the house owner to use the money for something else. Overall, if the size of the area is not considered, the homeowner might not be able to save any kind of money in the future. One more important point that needs to be considered is the permission required from local authorities for setting up shade sails.