6 Social Activities To Make Your Life More Exciting Again


At some point, our lives tend to become stagnant, predictable and shall we say, boring. It is the exact point at which we become fed up with our routine, surrounding and even some friends. ‘’Same old’’ simply isn’t working anymore, while the absence of new experiences and fresh influences is silently sedating our inner being aiming for the complete atrophy. It is a price we pay for being lazy or playing safe for too long. The key to breaking the shackles of monotony is to awake, shake things up and finally take some action. Include some new activities and rest assured that life will be fun again.

Go out

Use your leisure time wisely and instead of being online checking social networks, go out and be social for a change. Go to the concerts and movies, instead of just downloading them. Mingle with a different crowd, visit places you’ve passed by many times or take your friends to an unexpected night at the OPera. Whether you’ll enjoy it or not, it will be a step out of the usual route. It can be an eye-opening experience or something to laugh about, however, worth of trying.

New hobby

Now is the time to revisit all the things that you’ve once wanted to do, but never got the time or courage. Whether it is photography, train collecting or Irish dancing, go for it and make it a fun habit. Connect with people that share the same passion as you are. The moment you begin doing things that you enjoy, the invisible mechanism of life starts to turn for the better, bringing you more precious moments, people and events.

New skills

Nothing expands the mind and brings a thirst for life as mastering a new skill. Invest in learning something new by taking a class in cooking or creative writing class. It is never too late to try and learn the basics of some martial arts or to if you like golf, get a Swing eagle and practice that perfect swing on your own. Choose from plenty of online courses to learn web design or coding. Who knows, these could be baby steps leading to a new career.

Travel around

In the search for some new scenery, one doesn’t have to travel far. Places nearby are often overlooked and dismissed, yet they can hold many surprises. Organize a road trip with friends, without an exact travel plan, explore what is around you and get to know the places. If you long for a trip to distant exotic countries, treat yourself and pack your stuff. See the world and its ways, listen to other languages and get familiar with the different culture.

Look for adrenaline kick

Not often, but every once in a while it is good to step out of your comfort zone and do something that will make your heart beat faster. Someone may find extreme pleasure in rock climbing or bungy jumping while for others singing in a karaoke bar triggers the same rush. Know your limits and make sure not to go overboard. The goal is to lift up the mood by facing our fears in a controlled and safe way, not to get scared for a lifetime.


Being useful in a community comes with many rewards. Aside from a fabulous feeling of instant reward for making a difference on the spot, volunteering brings a certain sense of belonging, unity and overall optimism. It creates strong social bonds and deepens our awareness and empathy. The powerful experience of helping out, meeting people and hearing out their stories can only enrich and benefit your life.


It is easy to get stuck in a rut, but keep in mind that it takes just a little effort to snap out of it and to make a step toward more fulfilled and exciting life. The world can be a magical place once you make a decision not to ignore it any longer. Remember that life is what you make of it. Make the best out of any given day, be curious, active, and kind to yourself as well as to others and rest assured that rewards will come in no time. Check out 62 amazing outdoor activities and improve your well-being.