Flower Festivals of the World

flower festival

If you are planning a romantic trip, then you should definitely visit flower festival
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festival_of_the_Flowers). Every year, in different parts of the world, are being held exciting holidays dedicated to flowers. Here is the list of the most popular events and you will be able to choose one to your taste!

1. Flower Parade Bloemencorso. The parade, taking place in the first days of September in the cities of Belgium and Holland, is considered to be the most spectacular flower festival in Europe. Huge platforms with figures of flowers are traveling along the streets. At each corner people sell bouquets and souvenirs, tourists rest and enjoy life.

2. Battle of flowers in Jersey. Every year on the second Thursday of August a bright festival with dancing, fair, contests and fireworks is being arranged. All possible entertainment and services are available to residents and guests of the city: henna painting, flower delivery, creation of hand-made plant accessories and much more.

3. Parade of flowers in Spalding. The first British parade was held in 1935 as the part of the celebration of the anniversary of the crowned persons. At that time, the main flowers were tulips, and they still remain at this position. Over the 80-year history, the festival has greatly expanded, and now guests can take a walk in the fields of tulips.

4. Brussels floral carpet. Every two years in the square of Brussels, which is situated in front of the city administration, dozens of volunteers lay out a huge floral carpet, which everyone can admire.

5. Batalla de flores in Valencia. During the festival, spectators admire the magnificent parade and amazing floral figures, and in the end, the real battle of flowers begins. During the battle, participants use tennis rackets to protect themselves against “shells.”

6. Batalla di Fiori. Every two years, in honor of the arrival of spring in Ventimiglia, this memorable festival is being held. The inhabitants of the city are grouped together to create the most beautiful floral platform. Sometimes it takes more than 80 thousand flowers.

7. Festival of Flowers in Medellin. A large-scale Columbian holiday is timed to the abolition of slavery. It was first held on May 1, 1957. Since then, the inhabitants of Medelline bear on their backs neither stones and nor sandbags, but flowers, which is very symbolic.

8. Parade of roses in Pasadena. The very first parade was held on January 1, 1890. Now it is arranged annually. Broadcasts from the festival collect thousands of Americans from television screens. Hundreds of tourists come to Pasadena to admire the skilful creations of florists.

9. Flower Festival in Chiang Mai. In the first weekend of February, thousands of flowers blossom in the city. At the same time the festival is held here. The main place of festivities is a luxurious city garden. It is decorated with sculptures of white and yellow chrysanthemums, red orchids, pink roses and other expressive flowers.

Every tourist would like to visit one of these festivals, in order to enjoy beauty and unique atmosphere.

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