6 Surefire Ways That Will Get You Motivated At Work


Admit it, you’ve caught yourself stuck in a rut or simply staring at your computer for hours probably daydreaming about the beach, contemplating what you want to eat for lunch or waiting for your shift to end. We know that feeling. We also know that it’s destructive to your work productivity and overall performance.

A sudden motivational slump can hinder you from getting work done and in the long run, it can contribute to failure in achieving your goals. Don’t get defeated by lack of motivation. If you don’t do anything about it, you won’t reach far and it might cost you your job.

Fortunately, there are countless of ways you can combat lack of motivation. Here are 6 ways you can practice to get going:

Always keep a positive attitude

Without a doubt, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in bad times and that’s okay. You may lose motivation at work at your lowest and for varying reasons, however, don’t let that negativity take over you.

Keep an optimistic headspace; stay positive or always find a positive angle in everything no matter how far downhill you already are, there’s always something light in every situation. With this, be calm and confident as well that you’ll overcome all roadblocks.

Identify and set your goals

One of the possible and primary reasons as to why you feel demotivated at work could be because you have no concrete goals; you don’t have a process or right direction in completing a task or a project. If that seems to be the case, determine and set your goals in a more realistic, do-able ways. This technique will make challenges and tasks easier and faster to accomplish.

Move around and pump up your energy

Often times it’s our posture that sucks out all the motivation we have in our body. Stop slouching for it does nothing but make you sleepy, tired, and demotivated.

Keep your posture in check: sit up straight to keep your attention alert.if you do feel sleepy, stand up and walk around the office—get out to the hallway, go up and down the stairs, or even stretch—moving your body keeps the blood flowing and pumps up your energy. Do this and you’ll go back to work more efficient than ever.   

Keep track of your progress

How does keeping track of your work motivating, you ask? Seeing how much you’ve done and accomplished out of your to-do list will strengthen your willpower to keep working and resist any temptation of surfing the web and putting your other work on hold. Seeing how much you’ve done already will motivate you to keep going and get it all done with.

Reward yourself

Has it been quite a while since you last treated yourself? Don’t deprive yourself of these simple and much-deserved rewards. Pro and effective work-life balance tip: reward yourself after accomplishing a difficult and stressful task.

Take a break

Even Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk take break times so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Don’t work yourself out too hard, take a room for a breather and longer breaks to restart your creative process.

If there are times you feel as if you’re no longer doing progress or you’re really stuck in a rut, step back from your desk and give your mind and body the rest they need. Doing so can help you kickstart your flow of work and thinking. Sometimes, you all you need is a good rest and after that, everything will fall into place.

You and no one but yourself holds your motivation switch. Push forward and continue to encourage yourself to produce great work and keep the motivation alive.

About the author: Aside from providing tips and hacks in personal and career development, Chie is also a resident writer for The Fordham Company — one of Australia’s top celebrity management companies and a major celebrity speakers bureau.


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