Review SHENARO Lifestyle’s Eco-Friendly Wheatty Bag

Hey readers, Here is my another review on SHENARO lifestyle wheatty bag for you. I think you all heard about SHENARO Lifestyle products. If not, let me tell you. SHENARO Lifestyle provides most exclusive designer stuff for woman all over the India. They have the largest collection of lifestyle products and accessories. They are focusing on traditional methods to design their lifestyle related products. SHENARO is most trusted brand when it comes to quality and quantity.

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Today back pain is a very common problem complaint among women in India. According to the recent research approximate 72% women are suffering from back pain in India. SHENARO wheatty Bag is a great product which is effectively deal with back pain and Aches.  This product is made 100% cotton and eco friendly. This bag is safe for all age groups and has no side effects.

Specification About the product:

Brand: SHENARO Lifestyle’s

Material: Cotton

Volume: 0.8 litres

Cost: 1250 + 150 delivery charges (From Amazon)

Pros of the products:

  1. This bag is available in multicolour and has great quality
  2. This bag is made 100% cotton and eco friendly
  3. This bag is safe for all age groups and has no side effects
  4. Effective treatment for pains and aches.

Cons of the product:

  1. This product is not affordable

I would say this product is best for all people’s who are suffering with pains. Here is the link of the bag you can buy it from Amazon: SHENARO wheatty bag