6 Tips for Improving Your Design Skill

Improving Your Design Skill

Many people see any wonderful painter painting then they wish to design better than other. Especially a young age student they want to improve their design skill and make him highlighting from others. The drawing shows your imagination and creativity on the paper and it is the best way to express your feeling on the paper. When you draw, you need to take time to see something and analysis it. But many of them simply capture the image and move to the next image. It’s not an easy you need to aware of colour, form and a portion of the image.

For those who want to improve your design skill. Here are a few tips:

  1. Go draw something repeat

If you try to draw same drawing again and again then it will help to improve your design skill. Many of us don’t give best in your first attempt but in our second attempt we will do better as compare to first. It’s also helped to improve your confidence and your drawing skill.

  1. Look at the drawing

A simple painting is shown the feeling and emotion of the painter. You need to learn from the other work and understand what any painting say?  You need to learn its lining, shade and shape. These types of technical skill are helping you improve your skill.

  1. Draw from Drawing

Many of think, its frustrating step to copy another painting and try to make copy a painting of a famous painter. But it is best to improve your skill and quality. Learn from your guru by copying them.

  1. Draw from a photograph

Many people like to draw a painting of a photograph and they paint good as compare to others. They known how to draw lines and shade of the photograph and reproduce it in an actual object. When you are working with a photograph then you need to focus on photograph edges, shapes and angles that will help to draw decent photograph.

  1. Draw from your life

If you are newly starting painting then its best to design small and simple object. Try to draw your pets and friend’s drawings. Draw your furniture and living space drawing. If you try these step then you will be become a master in drawing and improve your design skill.

  1. Guidance

Guidance helps you to draw a better and technical way. A teacher will help to improve your weakness. You can also learn new ideas and technical skill that will help to make a good Art and Craft design in a minimum time efforts.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to design a great painting and improve your designing skill. By the way I enjoy designing a painting in my free time. It will help me to grow my knowledge and skill. If you have any advice you can contact us. Thank for reading this article.