The Types of Kitchen Cabinets and Tips to Install Them


Cabinets definitely add a lot of functionality to our kitchen. Undoubtedly, it is hard to imagine a well-organized kitchen without the cabinets. These storage options help us in storing a wide range of items, from crockery to small kitchen appliances. Food items also remain safe and in good condition when stored inside the cabinets. Therefore, it is important to make sure the proper selection and installation of the cabinets.

If you browse through the web world, you will come across a lot of designs, brands, and types of kitchen cabinets.In case, you do not have much idea about these cabinets, you might not be able to find the right one. Moreover, it is also vital to have a good idea about the proper installation of these cabinets. So, you can read the following points to keep up with the latest trend of kitchen cabinets.

Types of kitchen cabinets

  • Wall cabinets- These cabinets are installed to the walls and the depth featured by them usually remains between 12 and 17 inches. They can be customized very easily, without facing any kind of hassle. No doubt, wall cabinets are the most commonly used options for the kitchens.
  • Base cabinets-These cabinets can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, and they can be up to 36 inches tall. The depth of these cabinets can be up to 24 inches. You can customize the number of shelves inside these cabinets as per your requirements. This kind of cabinet is usually for storing small kitchen appliances, such as grinder, mixer, toaster, etc.
  • Specialty units- These units are like one big piece of a cabinet that comes along with a backsplash, bottle racks, sink, hutches, cooktop, appliance garages, etc. No doubt, you need to have a large kitchen in order to get this unit installed. The aesthetic appeal of these units is something that can impress anyone.
  • Tall cabinets- These cabinets are taller than the base one, and the height can go up to 85 inches. The main purpose of this kind of kitchen cabinet is to serve as broom storage and pantry space. Many people do not prefer this kind of kitchen cabinet.


Hence, above-mentioned are four major types of kitchen cabinets you can go for. If your family is a small one, then going with wall cabinets or base cabinets will be more than sufficient. However, for a big family, or for arestaurant, it is better to consider the idea of specialty units or large size base cabinets. No matter what you choose, it is vital to do the installation properly. So, let us provide you some tips regarding the installation.

Installation tips for kitchen cabinets

  • Choose a high spot- It is better to install the cabinets at a good height. If you install them at the base or below the cooktop, then you might find it difficult to open and shut the cabinet doors. You will not be able to move freely when the doors of the cabinets are kept open. For this reason, it is better to install them at a comfortable height.
  • Corners – are usually the better spot when it comes to installing the kitchen cabinets.You should begin with the corners and then move towards the center. In this way, it would be easier to align the cabinets in a properly. Moreover, it also looks good from the perspective of aesthetics.
  • Seeking experts help – in this regard is highly essential. Even though DIY cabinets are quite in vogue these days, but only a professional can deliver the best results. Minimizing drywall repairs and hanging the uppers in the beginning is essential.


Hence, these tips will help you to figure out the best kitchen cabinet for your home.

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