6 Wedding Makeup Mistakes Every Bride Must Avoid

Makeup Mistake

You have found your perfect partner and are all set to tie the knot. Well, you would certainly want to make the wedding day the most memorable day of your life and you would want to look your absolute best in the wedding pictures. Although you may have the best wedding dress, and have bought the most adorable pair of heels and done your hair perfectly, your looks depends a lot on the kind of makeup you apply.

A lot of times in the chaos surrounding the wedding preparations, the brides do not get sufficient time to decide on the makeup. Remember, the best bridal makeup in Jaipur artists are not easily available and you need to make appointments to avoid the last minute hassles, which results in the below-mentioned makeup mistakes.

Doing it yourself

You may have been applying the makeup by yourself all life and you may even be quite good at it; but, remember, bridal makeup is a different ball game altogether. It is advisable that you avoid doing it by yourself or depend on a friend, who is a self-proclaimed makeup guru. Instead, no matter who skilled you are, it is advisable that you leave the task to a professional artist. This would ensure that you get the best looks and that the makeup lasts all day long.

Not using the right tools

If you have decided to do your own makeup for your wedding and have a very specific look that wish you carry but you may not get the desired looks because of the lack to sufficient tools and appropriate products. More often than not women have only a few basic tools and products for their daily makeup, which may not suffice for a bridal makeup.

Trying something new

A lot of times women tend to go overboard with their wedding makeup and they end up trying something new that they never tried before, only to realize later that it was a bad move. Experts suggest that the wedding day is not the time to tryout anything new; instead the bridal makeup should be all about comfort and enhancing your best features.

Not going for the trial

This is one of the biggest blunders that most soon-to-be brides commit. If you have hired a professional makeup artist to apply bridal makeup, it is paramount that you schedule a trial session with them and try the look beforehand. This would help you know how exactly you would look on your big day and if there are any corrections you need, you can suggest the same. You surely would not to walk onto your wedding dais without having any idea about your looks.

Not seeing the larger picture

As the soon-to-be brides you may put a lot of work and money in ensuring that everything is perfect in your wedding. However, in all the chaos, you may not give the same attention to the makeup it deserves and just go with what seems to be the best option on the big day. However, it is vital that you take some time to decide the best makeup. Make sure that you take into consideration the hair style, venue, dress and the season before selecting the bridal makeup.

Not doing a touch up

This is another common mistake that most brides commit; however, it can be easily avoided. Remember, as an Indian bride, you would have to go take part in several rituals and this often can disrupt your makeup and it clearly shows up in the pictures. No matter if you have hired an expert artist for the bridal makeup in Jaipur if you have done the makeup yourself, make sure that you keep the products in handy to do a quick touch-up between the rituals so that you can look your best all day.

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