How to Decorate Home at Minimum Cost?


Decorating house is like a hobby for people and why not everybody love to hear “hey nice home yaar” but if we take the same topic in Indian homes where it is believed that home decorating and maintaining it properly comes under the department of woman of the house. Well if I am not wrong ladies are actually shows very interest and excitement in decorating the house.

They love shopping for house you know how consciously they maintain and matches colour and patterns of couches and curtains. But making house look beautiful that too by spending least amount of money possible is something I guess only we Indians are good at. We always find out a way of decorating our houses at minimum cost possible that we usually cover up by calling it innovation. Yeah I know that sounds little funny but these ideas never fails. You want to know how? Let’s have a look then:

  1. Hanging plates at wall is one of the most innovative, creative yet economical in money term. Hanging plates as an alternative for frameworks make your house look even more stylish. Trust me if you haven’t tried it yet you should for sure try it at least once I am sure you will love it. Now yes one thing to take care in mind is do not talk plates you eat food in. No these framework plates are found on antique shops and look super decent.
  2. Make your own art, put it inside a beautiful frame and hang it on a free wall. For all those artistic kids out there in every house. Please, appreciate your kids and let them do what they love you can now use their good art at good place.
  3. Explore your craft skills and use them in making homemade things for decorating house. Most of the time these art and craft things attracts guests eyes and make good impact in their mind.
  4. Go for natural and ancient time’s things trust me or not but personally I love ancient things to watch and know more about it if I see in anybody’s house.
  5. Try to keep your house décor classy and as simple as possible. Colouring all the walls in different eye catching colours doesn’t look good seriously they do not. Try to give your walls vibrant, coordinating and decent paint colours. Wallpapers for walls are the best options.
  6. Invest good amount of money in mirrors. Be it a big mirror or a small it doesn’t make much difference but make sure the mirror you should look as classy as you look after dressing up.
  7. Creating a family gallery and hanging it on the walls not only shows up sometimes as nostalgia moment but it also gives good impression about family and also records hanging on wall might make some people jealous but never mind it’s a great way too.
  8. Artificial plants makes really good impression and gives refreshing look to the room where been kept. I know it is quite difficult to keep real plants inside home for decoration purpose because without proper sunlight it will shrivel up well that’s all scientific thing that is why artificial plants has been made for decorating purpose and also plant give fresh and positive energy.
  9. Choose mix patterns to decorate walls, curtains, bed sheet covers, pillows etc. it creates eye soothing vibes and also different patterns shows different mindsets of people which cost no or less money but their outcome at end looks amazing. IPE Cladding is one more point that you should keep in mind.
  10. Do not bulk up things all on one another. Whenever you are dressing up your house make sure you decorate it according to the spa All I am trying to say is if house isn’t that spacious and you keep on buying things and keeping it on a pile it won’t look good at all. So whenever you decorate your house decorate it accordingly.

So according to me these are some basics rules of decorating house while keeping the cost as low as possible and making it look beautiful and stylish at the same time. So I think this is the best way to find any ways to make your house very beautiful.