9 Ideas For Home Decoration In A Folk Style


Folk-style home decorations have been very fashionable lately. They bring a joyful, carefree atmosphere and many colors to the home, which positively affects the well-being of residents and guests. Check out what ideas you can use in a folk style interior design for home decoration.

Fabrics with a folk pattern

Folklore fabrics can be used almost anywhere in the house: folk patterns can appear on pillows, blankets, curtains, curtains, or bedding, as well as tablecloths and napkins. You can use Polish motifs, for example, Kurpie or highlander ones, or look for inspiration in further corners of the world – India, Africa, South America, or the Far East. The folk style is colorful, joyful, and full of freedom, so you don’t have to worry about combining many patterns and colors at once. Thanks to the use of fabrics with folk motifs, you will give your home an original character and your guests will be happy to return to it.

Dream catchers

It is said that dream catchers protect their owners from nightmares by letting only good and peaceful dreams run through their nets. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, you can use dream catchers in a folk interior design. They will perfectly harmonize with all the folk ornaments from the region of North and South America, as well as with all decorations using beads and feathers. They can be hung over the bed, in the windows, or on the balcony. Dreamcatchers look great in a larger group – for example, several pieces of different sizes and colors.


Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters look great and provide excellent protection against the sun. They are best suited to old-fashioned whitewashed brick or wooden houses, but can also be experimented with on more modern buildings – often with really interesting results. Wooden shutters are available in many designs and colors, including various shades of natural wood and many other colors. If you do not lack courage, you can choose to combine several colors at the same time – each on a different window!

Dishes in the folk style

When it comes to utensils, it is difficult to define one particular style that could be called folk. Wooden dishes as well as simple folk cutlery or pottery with patterns from Bolesławiec or clay tableware will work as decorations in a folk style house (or as useful elements of tableware). You can use one of these proposals or combine several of them, creating your own, unique set of dishes and cutlery. This solution has one major advantage: when something breaks, the set can be easily supplemented with an element in a completely different style, which is impossible in the case of traditional tableware.

Tapestries on the walls

Tapestries, tapestries, and other woven decorations on the walls add a folk touch to the arrangement and make the room seem warmer. You can buy such a decoration in a store or try to make a tapestry yourself on your looms! It is great fun, which will be a souvenir in the form of beautiful wall decoration. Children will certainly like it, so you can invite them to weave together and display the effects of your work on the wall. The method of creating tapestries, detailed instructions, and the necessary materials can be found on the Internet or in book guides on this subject.

Patterned plaid

A warm, patterned blanket not only perfectly complements the folk interior design, but is also very practical. The blanket can warm you up on long, winter evenings, and can also be used as a bedspread on the couch or (folded) a pillow. A plain colored rug can also help to break an arrangement that seems too dull or gray. Such decoration is inexpensive and requires no work input, yet it can significantly change the reception of the interior. It is also a very useful element of decor that can be used for various purposes, not only in the cooler season but also during other seasons of the year.

Wicker and rattan decorations

Wicker and rattan are raw materials of natural origin – wicker is obtained from young shoots of some species of willows, and rattan is obtained from rattan palm trees. Both of these materials are used to create effective braids, which are then used to create baskets, decorations, and furniture. A wicker basket or a rattan footstool perfectly complements the interior design in a folk style. They blend well with other natural materials such as clay, stone, wood, or leather. They also look beautiful in combination with live plants: wicker covers for pots or flower baskets will be a perfect match for a decor inspired by folklore and folk art.

Old musical instruments

Certainly, no one will pass by such decorations! At online auctions or flea markets, you can often buy old, damaged, and no longer playable musical instruments for pennies. They are perfect to hang on the wall: this decoration attracts the eye and gives the interior a unique character. The instruments can also be converted and used for other purposes, such as planting flowers in an old piano or making a table from a damaged guitar.

A small open-air museum

Everyday objects can also be used as decorations, especially if they are antique. An old iron, a hammer, or a reel will make your home look more folk and homely. The use of such items instead of ornaments is also a great opportunity to tell the children what these things were for and how they were used. You can find vintage home furnishings at marketplaces or online auctions – often at very attractive prices, as people are often eager to get rid of such items.