How to Use Yulu Electric Bike and Review in Delhi Road

Yulu Bike Review

Yulu is a Bangalore based electric bike sharing platform start up partnership with Bajaj Auto. Bajaj Company is co-design and manufacture future generation of Yulu electric two-wheelers bikes for Indian customers. Yulu bike operates in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. This start up have maintain 3000 electric bike in India. You can rent this Yulu electric bike from the nearest Yulu zone.

Step to rent a Yulu electric bike

  1. Download the Yulu app from the App and Play Store of your Mobile
  2. Use the Yulu app to find the closest vehicle to you.
  3. Pay the security fee (security fee is refundable).
  4. Select any Yulu Bike from Yulu Zone.
  5. Scan the QR code and unlock the Yulu bike.
  6. Enjoy the ride
  7. To end your ride, park the vehicle at a Yulu Zone, lock it and click on the End button on your app.

Yulu Bike Ride Charges

Yulu bike charge 10 inr for Base fare + 10 inr for per 10 minutes ride. If you will have pause the ride then the app charges 5 inr for 10 minutes.

Yulu has also introduce saver packs pass for ride 2 hours, 3 hours and 6 hours at cost 49, 95 and 185 inr cost price. These packs are valid for a one day ride.

Saver Packs Yulu

Review of Yulu Bike

This bike is easy to ride by every person and one of the interesting thing is you don’t need any type of driving licence to ride this Yulu bike. The charges of this yulu bike are costly as compared to public transport like Delhi metro or DTC bus.  You can ride up to 60 Km a full charge of electric Yulu bike in Delhi.


  1. Best for short distance ride like 2 to 3 Km.
  2. Eco Friendly Transport.
  3. Zero waiting time to enjoy the ride.
  4. Zero noise pollution
  5. You can lock you Yulu bike any parking place.


  1. Bike is not maintain perfectly
  2. Not good for long ride
  3. There is speed limit of 25 km/hr.
  4. No shocker in this bike.
  5. To end your ride, park the vehicle at a Yulu Zone

You can try this bike if you are a big fan of eco friendly bike and cycles. You can check the app to find the nearest Yulu Zone in your area. One more thing if you rent a bike for long hours then you can purchase a saver packs to save your valuable money.