Aggression in Children: Causes, Development, Effects and Solutions


Disturbing issue in your child is a one of the common reason of aggressive behavior. Aggression in your children can be a symptom of many kinds of problem. Firstly, you need to search what the main cause of aggression in your child. It is shocking to learn that it is a normal part of the life in your child development process. Aggression is a very polymorphic thing and cause by different psychiatric conditions, medical problems, and life circumstances.

Reason of Aggression

Environment change

If you have recently sifted your house in new location then obviously that’s a main cause of aggression in your child.  Your child need some time to adopt the new environment and relationship with new peoples.

Mood Imbalance

The next one is to find out that your child has made an issue of his mood. It is a common thing in every child like adult.


In many cases your child become aggressive when they feel hungry and not express yourself. Your child think aggression is one of the best medium to express your feeling in the front of others. In many cases, they hit their legs on the hard floor to express you.

Anxiety and Frustration

Many of kids get angry when they are failing to deal with their Anxiety and frustration. When your child is not able to verbalize their feeling as other do then they become frustrated.


Most of cases child become tired and they don’t know what they do. In this case they tend to throw tantrum if disturbed.

Tips to handle your child aggression

Recognize the reason of aggression

According to the Naomi Aldort, Aggression is a feeling of helpless in your child. When your child aggressive that’s mean they can’t express the feeling of helplessness to get what they want. Child use some physical signal like (hit/push/kick/) to express the feelings to others.

Teach new skills

Aggressive behavior signs your child lack of skill. He can’t manage the thing appropriately that’s why he will show the aggressive behavior. It’s important to teach your child new social or problem solving skills to reduce the aggressive behavior.

Reward your child

Establish a reward system, if your child tries to control their aggressive behavior. Your child try to behave positive with other and this technique will help eliminate aggression fast in your child.

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