How to Choose a Fan to Cool your Living Room

Living Room

The most popular advice you get when buying a fan for your living room is to buy small fans for small rooms and large fans for large rooms. In reality, it takes a lot more to choose the best kind of fan for any living area.

How to Choose the Best Fan for your Living Room

Choosing the right-sized fan is important for making the best purchase.
There are many types of fans that do a great job to cool your living space. Some of these include:

Pedestal fans

These types of fans are supported by an adjustable stand. The fan is a great choice for your living room as it can circulate air to a wider area. You can also carry out other necessary adjustments by means of a remote control.
Pedestal fans are popular since they are portable and fairly easy to operate. Another great thing is that they are available in several types, colors, and specs.

Pedestal fans work by sucking in the cool air accumulated at the bottom of your living room and circulating it horizontally throughout your living area. This way, you always get a cool breeze no matter how hot it is outside.

Table fans

This is probably one of the most common types of fans which are widely used. Since they are not affixed to a surface, like the ceiling fans or air conditioners, you can easily transport them from one room to another.
The best way to use a table fan is to place it on a side table or arrange it in a corner. Table fans are also used outdoors and can be kept on any flat surface. These fans offer several benefits, such as portability, easy storage, and convenience. They come at affordable price tags and are available in all specs, colors, and sizes.

Tower Fans

Tower fans are valuable options for cooling large-sized living rooms. They work great to move the air around in your living space to produce a wind-like effect. These are excellent choices to use in summers as they are powerful fans that help you enjoy a natural cooling effect while maintaining a peaceful environment.
Most tower fans offer a whisper-quiet but strong performance. If you are particularly sensitive to noise, you can choose a bladeless fan that provides remarkably low levels of noise.

Another great part about tower fans is that they come in pleasant designs to accentuate your home décor.

Exhaust Fans

While this type of fan is mostly used for adding ventilation to your attics and bathrooms, you can also install a few of these in your living room. Exhaust fans can be used in combination with a pedestal fan or a ceiling fan to cool a stuffy and small living area.

A living room fan improves your quality of life as it lets you enjoy refreshing evenings and afternoons with your loved ones. Regardless of the type of fan you choose for your living room, the key factors to consider are a quieter performance, energy consumption, and durability. Find the best type of fan which is within your budget and comes with any add-on features such as air-ionizers and remote control. There are also some models which feature auto-shut off’s so you don’t have to worry about overnight usage.

Tips to Buy the Best Fan

Never choose a low-quality fan. Fans that are not manufactured by professional and reliable brands can lead to unfortunate accidents. Moreover, these fans do not circulate as much air at a given RPM.
Speed is not the only factor that controls the amount of air which is moved. You should also pay attention to the blade pitch and the overall design of the fan.
Check whether the fan is producing a humming noise. Good-quality fans are always quiet, regardless of their style or size. If you are buying a fan online, check for reviews and feedback to know how much noise it would make.

If you want to know more, here is a great blog about how to choose a fan the right way.

How to Increase Airflow

During summers, it is often hard to cool down your living space if you haven’t created any airflow. Once you learn how to create a good air-flow in your living room, you won’t have to spend a fortune on air-conditioning. Here are a few easy ways to create airflow in your living room to bring in a breeze.
Prop open a door to let the hot air in your room flow out so the temperature of your living room remains cool. If your living room has multiple doors prop them all open to increase airflow across your living room.
Open your window just 1 to 2 inches so the hot air flows out of the room!
You can have the coolest room possible by using a reversible fan. These fans are especially great if the wind in your area changes direction.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to check the size and dimensions of your living room to know whether a particular model would be too big or small for your living space. Remember our tips before making a purchase and you will always buy the best fan for your living room.
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