Art on the Floor: 3 Most Stunning Colored Concrete Finishes to Try


Thanks to its strength and durability, concrete is used all around the world for a variety of projects.

At its most basic, concrete is a blend of sand, aggregate and cement which is mixed with water and left to cure. However, you can add specialised additives, aggregates and oxides to change its properties and appearance for a range of projects.

What many customers don’t know is that concrete doesn’t have to be grey and dull and the same as you see everywhere. In fact, there are several funky and vibrant concrete finishes on the market that are just begging to be tried.

While concrete may carry its strength on the inside, its beauty is on the outside and can be altered in many ways. While some finishes are achieved while the concrete is wet, some can be applied over existing concrete to transform its look.

Here are three of the most stunning colored decorative concrete finishes to try.

1. Pigments

If you opt to use concrete that has been colored through with pigments, it is a simple process that most concreters are able to achieve. It is as basic as adding specified amounts of pigment to the concrete mix right before being laid.

These colors tend to include more “earthy” shades of browns and tans, reds and yellows, as well as a more limited range of greens and blues. The colors available are frequently updated to mirror design trends.

Some of the most recommended products, CCS powdered pigments, are made from by strong UV resistant iron oxides which are added into the mixing bowl. This is how the oxide pigment is distributed throughout the concrete.

After this part of the process, the non-boring, colored concrete gets poured in place and left to cure, just like conventional grey concrete.

By using CSS powdered pigments, you can be assured that your concrete will have a long-lasting natural-looking permanent color while remaining UV- and weather-resistant.

2. Concrete Resurfacing

Alternatively, concrete can be spray coated with a colourful resurfacing product.

Different to pigmented concrete, a concrete resurfacing product can be applied over concrete no matter how old it is.

After the resurfacing product has been applied, a durable sealer needs to be sprayed over the top to protect the surface.

Again, the range of colors available is a wide array of bright to relatively subtle tones. An experienced applicator can achieve stunning effects that simulate sandstone, or create decorative features using filament tapes. The opportunity to be creative is endless!

For those interested in resurfacing their dull grey concrete, the CCS Stylepave resurfacing system is perfect for driveways and commercial applications. There are many applications where resurfacing is seen, from pathways, alfresco eating areas through to shopping centres.

3. Florentina Spray Stone Flooring

Another excellent way to transform concrete, Florentina spray stone flooring is a decorative coating especially suited for internal and outdoor areas. Not only robust and easy to clean, Florentina spray stone flooring is a surefire way to ensure you have a sophisticated and seamless surface. Ideal for garages and indoor gyms, it is simple to maintain and elegant in appearance.

It is a cost-effective alternative to natural stone or tiles and comes in colors such as sechuratan, mineral white, Kalahari brown, cosmos grey, champagne buff and black diamond.

Why should you try colored concrete?

First and foremost, color is just so much better than dull old grey! No matter what the vibe of your space, or what color of concrete you choose, it is going to look far more attractive and inviting than plain grey.

Having colored concrete also enables you to add some more of your own personality, or your brand’s personality, into the floor, as you can use a single color on its own or combine it with varying or coordinating colors and surface textures to design the exact look you desire.

In addition to enhancing your environment aesthetically, a coloured concrete finish adds value to property for years to come.

However, as the surface of any concrete slab is going to have to endure perpetual wear and tear, you want to ensure that your decorative concrete finish is durable and easy to clean. That is why a quality concrete sealer is essential for all projects, whether they are resurfacing products or full depth pigment.