Bathroom Renovations – Why & How Mirrors Are a Must-Have Accessory


You might be thinking that bathroom mirrors are only used for makeup and getting ready, but, its importance goes much further than that. A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror, and it helps in doing many things beyond helping in getting ready or set you up for the day ahead.

It can also make your bathroom look bigger by reflecting light and space around it. This forms avisualfalse impression of extending your bathroom and delivers more natural light, thereby it makes space look bigger. From this blog post, you’ll be diving into the extra benefits of adding and owning a bathroom mirror:

Create an impression of more space

In many homes, especially the guest bath is the smallest room in the home. To add the depth of the space, consider adding a mirror over the sink. The large mirror can make your room look almost double the size that is.

Bonus tip: If you’ve any window in your bath, place the mirror in the opposite direction of the window and it will increase the depth of the space more. Even if you don’t have a window, it will still add a positive effect on making the room feel even bigger.

A style statement

Mirrors are especially beneficial in enhancing the style and design of your space, that includes the bathroom also. There is a wide range of different styles of mirrors such as antique, modern, traditional, vintage, and contemporary. Find a mirror that suits your style and interior of your bathroom, enhance the space, and bring the entire design together.

Add lights

Add a mirror with LED lights, it will help in forming a clean and clear image. LED’s produces more light with less heat, as they are highly energy efficient. So be ready to reduce your electricity bills. In addition to that, the lights create a good focal point in the bathroom and fit in with any style. It also removes dark shadows that form to highlight the whole area.

Hides storage space

There are lit up bathroom cabinets you can opt for. These mirrors have additional storage space to keep your products such as shampoos, make-ups, heating tools, toilet paper, soap and other utility things. If you’ve little more space it makes sense in investing this hide mirror storage as wall storage doesn’t take up any floor space.

Lots of variety

There are different types of bathroom mirrors and the quality of the illuminated bathroom mirror is also different than the traditional mirror. Of course, mirrors with illumined have superior glass quality that has a powerful amplification glass panel. You can choose it from a wide range of mirrors with different glass enlargement quality which makes it more comfortable.

Endless possibilities

Perhaps the most important benefit of a bathroom mirror is it is available in different shape, size, style, and colours. Mirrors are available in all sizes from small to large, shapes like square, oval, rectangle, circle and more. Besides, if you dream of the mirror which is not available in the market, then you can share your ideas and they can be customised at affordable rates.

Towel Rails

Towel rails are another most important bathroom essential that helps keep your bathroom clean and beautiful. Apart from that it will help to keep dry your towels. You can consider a towel rings for your bathroom with large sized for your small and large towels. It’s important to place it near to the shower/bath area for your convenience. You can also hire an expert to help you prepare for the best bathroom renovation project for your bathroom.


The above-listed benefits are the reasons why adding a mirror in the bathroom creates a big difference and helps you prepare for the best bathroom renovation project. You can even customise the bathroom mirrors as there are many different styles of mirrors available in the market. But make sure that you order it from the professionals who know bathroom renovations.


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