Increased Face Mask Wear Can Lead To Skin Irritation & Damage


Many of health care expert believe that the corona virus stay for another 1- 2 years. We all are to need learn how can we live with this virus? We can take same precaution to staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. This situation makes the use of hand sanitizers and face mask to protecting our self and our family members. But are you think that face mask can also cause of skin damage and discomfort. This is important to wear a face mask to protect your skin from this virus. According to the many peoples, if they wear a mask then constantly sweat underneath it which causes friction with your skin. So you want to avoid this type of problem please follow the mentioned steps.

Use good quality mask

It does not matter the mask is homemade or you have purchase it from the shop. It’s important to ensure the mask quality which can be suitable for your skin. It’s important to check the fabric when you made a homemade mask.  According to the studies use only cotton or natural fabric  material to make a face mask and avoid to use synthetic fabric which can be harmful for your skin.

Say no to Makeup

It’s important to say good bye for your makeup when you have wear a mask on your face. If you applied a makeup on your skin will eventually get rubbed off after wearing a face mask. The friction is depend others factors like heat, dust, pollution and ingredients of the makeup. So it’s better to good bye makeup routine and makes your skin healthy.

Use good cleaners

It’s important time to cure yourself from this virus, especially for your skin. It’s important step to cure you with ultra-gentle skin cleansers and moisturizers. Make sure to avoid facial exfoliators that can damage the outer layer of your face skin while constantly wearing the face mask. If you are not using it properly then it can lead to dryness of the skin, creating inflammation.

Hope these tips help you to protect your skin from the face mask and also help you to protect your skin from this virus also. You can check out our previous post on topic – how to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

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Stay safe and healthy…!!!!