How to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus


The respiratory illness has spread all over the world in fast way is called coronavirus. The WHO has officially declared the disease a pandemic. You need to take some precaution to stop the widespread. Many countries Govt. have taken various decisions to stop the spread of corona virus. You need to take some step to prevent yourself from this virus and limit the spread of this virus to others.

Here is some step to protect from COVID-19 virus

Wash your hands

This is still no. 1 way to prevent you from the corona virus. You should repeat this process every time you touch the strange object of touch any person. You need to wash your hands correctly with shop. You need to wash your hands using soap and water at least 20 seconds. If you are travel outside then use hand sanitizer to clean your hand, still wash your hand with shop is best way to prevent the spread of infection disease.

Stay Home

The WHO, Governments and healthcare worker are request to all the peoples to stay home if they can. There are some people who don’t have the luxury of working from home and peoples still need to out to grocery stores and gas stations. But you have to stay at home for healthy life.

Follow local public health guidelines

Many countries and cities implemented their own protective measures to slow the spread of the novel corona virus. Many schools, colleges and sport program are closed. In some counties Bar and restaurant are open for limited hours. If your country or state makes this type of guideline then you have to strictly follow these guidelines.

Boost your immune system

This is the top basic illness prevention, the immune system. Your body better able to know how to fight or deal with this type of virus. It’s important to everyone should put in an effort to tip top your immune system. This is perfect time to focus on all the healthy habits to boost your immune system. Start with daily fitness activities, sleep, fresh air & food choices that will help to boost your immune system.

Try to stay calm

In addition to the physical heath, you should takes care your mental health. High stress can affect your body immune system. If you are feeling overly worries about this corona virus, then please follow these tips from a psychotherapist to keep your nerves calm.