Soaps & Hand Sanitizers: Which fights Coronavirus better?

corona virus

The spread of corona virus in the world, peoples are looking for any option to protect yourself and their family for this COVID-19. Many experts spread out their suggestion about how you can protect yourself and stay healthy. One tip that spread all over the world “Keep your hand clean”. You can use soap and hand sanitizer to clean your hands. But it’s important which one is better option?

 According to the studies:

  1. Liquids, wipes, gels and alcohol based products have similar effect but they are not good as compared to use of the soap.
  2. Many good antibacterial products are expensive as compare to soap prices.
  3. When anyone cough or sneeze then tiny droplets from the airways can fly up to 1m to 10m. Try to keep the distance of 2m or longer distance from others. In case if you sick then use mask to prevent the spread from others.
  4. The skin is an ideal place for the virus to spread it to anyone. When you touch any steel surface in which virus particle on it. It will sick you and easy to transferred to your hands.
  5. The object surface is matter to spread the virus. The rougher surface can pull the virus in different part and the flat surface is decrease the less chances to stick the virus on it.
  6. This virus stay active in their favorable condition for an hour and a day but Sunlight and heat make less stable condition for the virus.
  7. Water is not effective way to washing your hand. Alcohol based hand sanitizer are work effectively as compare to the water to washing your hand. But nothing beat soap, the soap help to detach the virus from your hand and fall very readily in soapy water.


Try to use of soap to clean your hand from corona virus. If you are travel then this case use of hand sanitizer to washing your hands. But nothing beat soap, it is cheap, effectively work as compared to sanitizer and easy available nearby soap.