Some Funny And Unforgettable Pranks That You Should Do With Your Siblings


The best gift any child gets from his or her parents is siblings. They are the reason why every child’s childhood is awesome. We fight, we cry, we laugh, we do play, we smile, we get scolded together. Whatever we do they always support us. Siblings are the best friends, whom we can trust blindly. And whenever we need them, they always ready to do anything for us. Without a sibling, life like a dessert without sugar and dal without salt. If you don’t have siblings, it means you missed a beautiful part of your childhood to adulthood. The elder sibling is a guide, mentor, shadow of parents and younger sibling is an unpaid servant for the rest of life. I don’t remember any of the day goes without getting scolding by my mom because of our activity. As we all know, about siblings fights and pranks. So, here some more exciting and hilarious pranks ideas that will make your life more interesting.


As we all know how our brothers irritate their sisters. Brothers always make fun of their sisters by saying fat, ugly, makeup shop and many more. So, girls if you want to do prank with your brother related to make up. Then do like this, it will be so much fun, and hilarious.  When your sleep deeply than do his girly makeup from lipstick to eyeliner. Click his a picture and threaten him that you will post on social media. It will be a great funny prank.

Flower Prank

Everybody loves flowers abundantly, so you can do prank with flowers also. Just order a beautiful Birthday flower in front of your sister. And gives her a flower-filled with water when she holds it happily just press it near the roots. I tell you she will be very angry and it will be so much fun.

Mud Cake

This is the test and trial prank and trusts me this is so funny.  On the birthday of your brother or sister order his/her favorite flavor cake. But filled mud or some saving cream inside the cake. When he or she will cut it, it will be smashed on his/her face. It will be one of the best pranks for the birthday.

Scary Prank

As we all know, most of the people do study at night. So, if your brother or sister is also, one of them then does it. Just put a walkie talkie in the air condition duct in low sound. And when your parents sleep and he or she starts studying.  Start speaking in a low voice in a horror way. I can assure you, it will be an unforgettable prank for both of you.

You are not my real sibling

This is the prank, I don’t think any of them who didn’t do with their younger brother or sister. And that is you are adopted or you came from the hospital. And trust me when my brother did with me I literally cried badly.

Foam Ice Cream

As we all know, how much people love ice cream especially when we are a kid. So, I am telling you about a prank related to ice cream that I did with my brother and sister. I said to them, that I am going to buy ice cream for both of you. So don’t move from here and sit on the sofa. And you know, what I did, I filled ice cream cone with saving cream. When they both tested, their faces oh my God, it was so funny. Whenever we talk about it, we three laugh so much. Apart from that, your family member are unhappy with these type of fun activity and live alone in other city like Delhi, you can send flowers to Delhi and fresh their mood.

These are the pranks that make our childhood memorable. Siblings are those chewing gum that can’t separate after putting lots of oil in it. It doesn’t matter siblings are younger or older, their role in our life is like icing on the cake & send flowers. And these are the things that create excitement in your life. Whenever you will talk about your childhood, these things will make you both laugh.