Best Places to Visit in Nelliyampathy – Palakkad


Situated close Kalkatty in Nenmara Town of Palakkad region, Nelliyampathy slope ranges is a standout amongst the most amazing slope stations of Kerala which has slopes with tallness running from 467 m to 1572 m. These slopes are situated in the Tamil Nadu – Kerala outskirt imparting spaces to Palakkad locale of Kerala and Coimbatore area of Tamil Nadu.

Nelliyampathy holds the entire embodiment of beautiful excellence of the Western Ghats and the well off streams began from these slopes. The spots to visit in Nelliyampathy has everything a slope station ought to assimilate, one can get surprising visuals of the thick teak wood backwoods, an earth dam, Nelliyampathy orange development, tea and espresso estates, and paddy fields in the valley all by chilling in the cloud filled air of Nelliyampathy.


The Palagapandi Estate which was worked by the British is at the highest purpose of the slopes which is presently a private resort yet it was an old ranch office of the British rulers. The region around the Palagapandi home is loaded with tea, cardamom and espresso homes and the slopes has a different fauna and verdure including panthers, elephants, deer, mammoth squirrels and the place is safe house for feathered creature watchers with various types of winged animals around the slopes.

The AVT tea domain is close to the Pothundi Dam and it was at first claimed by the British yet later sold to private individuals when the British left India. The ranches make Nelliyampathy not simply slopes with tremendous trees but rather a place where development yields and manor crops are developed making the beautiful view godlike.

Pothundi Dam Forests

Pothundi Dam is the door to the Nelliyampathy slopes, one have to go along this surprising earth dam to achieve the stunning pinnacles of Nelliyampathy. Pothundi Dam is encompassed with the Government Teak wood timberlands which are an exceptionally ensured range yet explorers and climbers can get to a few sections of this zone along the banks of stream Gayathripuzha to the Nelliyampathy slopes. The Nenmara Vallengi Vela Festival is directed in the shores of Pothundi Dam.

Pothundi Dam Irrigation

The most seasoned dam design and unmistakable highlights of the dam is mind blowing for any individual who wishes to get the chance to perceive how nature was shaped by man for his needs. The water from Pothundi repository gives water system to the paddy fields in the lap of the mountains, making this dam a basic part in Palakkad rice development.

Pothundi Dam

Situated in the Pothundi town 17kms far from Nelliyampathy, the Pothundi Dam was built by the British in the nineteenth century. Pothundi Dam is one of the most seasoned dams in India and it gives water to water system and drinking water supply to the adjacent panchayats. This dam has been envisioned in numerous motion pictures for its beautiful foundation soaking up everything about exceptional history and common provision of the environment. Pothundi Dam is the most gone to put in Nelliyampathy, which clearly procures the primary spot in the spots to visit in Nelliyampathy.

Pothundi Dam Fisheries Reserve

Pothundi Dam is one of only a handful couple of water stores which advances supply angling, different types of stream angles are found here like carp, mrigal, rohu, catla and considerably more. Around 7 tons of fish is caught every year from the repository, an Indo – German Reservoir Fisheries Development Project advances brood angle stock and different techniques to prosper the fish abundance of the store. Pothundi Dam additionally has another fascinating element as the dividers are covered with a blend of jaggery and speedy lime.

Seetharkundu View Point And Waterfalls

Seetharkundu got the name from the epic Ramayana, in which Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Sita Devi lived here amid their 14 years of vanavasa. Sita Devi is accepted to wash up in the Gayathripuzha in the Seetharkundu area, the Gayathipuzha stream is begun from Bharathapuzha which is the second longest waterway of Kerala.

Seetharkundu Waterfalls

Seetharkundu waterfall is begun from around 100m high and joins the River Gaythripuzha. The dams situated in this stream the Chulliyar dam and Meenakara dam can be seen from the Seetharkundu View point which is a shocking sight of slopes, valleys and waterfalls ekking mixing to shape a beautiful edge like a sketch. Trekking and climbing along the banks of stream Seetharkundu is an ordeal to reexamine the brave personality of one, climb your way to the Nelliyampathy crest viewing the Seetharkundu falls along the Seetharkundu View point.

Manpara View Point

Manpara slopes are the area for the Mohanlal film Bhramaram, the motion picture asserted basic achievement and was very seen for the jeep rides of Mohanlal along a rough precipitous way which is the Manpara slopes. Take a Jeep from Nelliyampathy to Manpara View point, hold yourself together and prepare for the most bold ride of your life. Envision yourself in a jeep along the lofty hillsof Manpara along the mountain ways, riding to the crest in an uneven ride it is as tough a ride can be yet the surge of enterprise we get it is enchanted. Try not to miss the Manpara Peak while arranging the spots to visit in Nelliyampathy.

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