Get Best of Pool Tile Installation out of Home Improvement Project

Pool Tile Installation

Having a residential swimming pool is becoming a rising trend in many households nowadays. Such a pool not only offers a respite from the sun in the summers but also enhances the aestheticism of the house and increases its market value with time. If you are going to begin a home improvement project and are planning to build a swimming pool or renovating an existing one, then a major question is choosing the tiles for the pool floor. Just like kitchen and bathroom floor tiles of a house, the swimming floor tiles are also available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and shapes. A perfectly chosen tile can bring about a great makeover to a swimming pool. Before beginning the process, it is essential to know about the various types of pool tiles to choose from.

Types of Pool Tiles

The popular types of tiles for a swimming pool include the following:

  1. Mosai

Mosaic is a fancy type of tile that adds color and vibrancy to the pool floor. The tiles comprise a combination of different colors and designs that combine to form a bigger design on the floor of the pool.

  1. Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are common pool tiles with a soft touch and are easy to install and maintain. The drawback is that they are prone to breakage byeven a blunt force.

  1. Stone

Installation of stone tiles to a pool gives it a natural and rustic look. Since stone tiles tend to absorb water, they require being sealed every couple of years.

  1. Brick

Brick is another material that provides a regal look to the pool. One can choose amongst a range of colors for installing brick tiles. The drawback with bricks is that its porous nature requires it to be sealed optimally like stone tiles to prevent damage.

  1. Glass

Glass tile is another attractive and common tile available in a number of colors and styles. They are popular owing to their property of withstanding incessant use, thereby making them optimal for a household with children, as well. Glass tile also creates the illusion of depth to the pool.

Pool Tile Installation Performed by a Professional

When it comes to tile installation for swimming pools, it is essential to hire a reputed and experienced pool tile installation company. The professionals of such a company would be able to follow the following procedure while installing tiles in your swimming pool:

  • The professional would begin with inspecting the pool surface for any contamination. He would then waterproof the floor followed by a secondary waterproofing and crack isolation layer to prevent leakage and moisture expansion.
  • He would then select the right type of tiles that best suits your pool considering numerous factors such as functionality along with aestheticism in a practical environment. This includes not using glass tiles on the steps or installing arow of resistance tiles to prevent slipping. He would also ensure that the tile selected bonds well with the adhesive and mortar.
  • If you are using clear or semitransparent glass mosaic, the professional will ensure that the mortar’s color does not influence the look of the tiles and gives a consistent appearance by maintaining the natural brightness of glass.
  • Before exposing the new surface to water, enough curing time will be given for the tiles and mortar to dry.

In addition to this installation process, a professional would also take care of the maintenance of the pool through effective cleaning techniques using advanced equipment and tools. Thus, it is important to hire a reputed company who provides expert and efficient installation of swimming pool tiles.

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