The Best Reasons Why You Need To Try Diving In Malta And Gozo


While Malta and Gozo have a combined length of 36km, their coastline has loads to offer tourists when it comes to scuba diving opportunities, as the archipelago sits at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, with some of the prettiest clear blue waters that you’ll ever come across. As a result, this region is by far one of the most sought-after travel destinations for avid scuba divers from around the world.

The best time to dive here is from June to November, when the water is at its warmest, and clears enough to experience all its hidden treasures, caves and super abundant reefs. The unspoilt coral reefs here thrive as a result of the consistently cool water, whichis easily accessible via the shoreline. Having the guidance of an experience scuba instructor gives the experience an added charm, and both regions have plenty of scuba diving schools to introduce you to the experience.  So if you’re planning a scuba diving holiday, or are interested to find out more about why diving in Malta and Gozo is such a popular attraction, read on:

The Benefits of Diving in Malta


In the Maltese islands, the waters are usually calm and clear, with no likelihood of having any dangerous fish in them, and this makes it the ideal diving destination for newbies.


This Azure blue coastline provides different levels of complexity for scuba divers. Beginners typically enjoy diving into the shallow waters of GħarLapsi, where they experience a colourful array of fish and underwater flora. More experienced divers enjoy the depth of the Lantern Point and are willing to delve into its 50 metres of uncertainty to experience the quietest and most serene environment known to man.


Malta and Gozo have some pretty amazing licenced diving schools where one can go to receive fun, interesting and super supportive diving courses, for both novice and experienced divers. Although experienced divers flock to Malta for the freedom of diving alone without an instructor, the diving schools are always ready to offer them guidance on where the safest diving spots are.  Diving spots in Malta and Gozo are very accessible by Jeep or car.

Notable Diving Options In Malta and Gozo

Some of the most notable diving spots to look out for in Malta and Gozoinclude:

  • Reqqa Point: Reqqa Point is popular for its unique and colourful schools of fish, as well as interesting algae, flora and fauna, which you can immediately come across after diving into its vertical walls. As you enter, it feels as though you’ve arrived at a narrow cave, while the scenery inside the cave and on the rock ledges is just extraordinary.
  • Blue Hole: Some have gone to describe the feeling of being inside the cavity of this cave as akin to being ‘at the edge of the world’, and it’s an apt description of this picturesque dive. The Blue Hole dive typically starts at a 12 metre pool, which takes you to the colourful plethora of fantastic lifeform hidden in this beautiful reef. For the more adventurous, this initial shallow part of the dive is but a beginning to a much larger adventure where you can view what is known as the ‘coral dive’ a beautiful kaleidoscope of color so vivid that it feels like a dream. The Blue Hole also contains intricate rock formations that upon close inspection contain some of the most complex underwater life forms in the world’s oceans.
  • Cirkewwa: Similarly, Cirkewwastarts off in a shallow plateau of 12 metres, which upon further inspection, can take you to 30metres of deep exploration where you canexperience special fishspecies like Triggerfish, the venomous scorpion fish and many others.
  • A little-known small town in Malta called Xlendi, offers warm shallow waters filled with caves, young barracuda, and red starfish which contrast beautifully against the purple alage. This spot is so beautiful and safe that some sea-loving couples have opted to say their vows there, while others prefer to enjoy it at night when you can enjoy the beauty of the reflective surface in all its glory. During the day, the living coral shimmers like a rainbow through the luminescent clear blue water, and reminds visitors once again, how unique and special this stunning place really is.

Final Thought

Ultimately, diving is all about passion for the underwater world.  In today’s day and age, the internet has made it possible for people to explore all possibilities online before making your booking. Accommodation and the diving pricelist are fairly accessible, and just a google search away! And now with low cost airlines like Ryanair, exploring different diving spots have become even more affordable and realistic.

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