My Perfect Holiday In Vodice

Vodice is a small Croatian city, which borders with the Adriatic Sea at the South-West. The whole place is built as a nice and calm city, and it has less than 9000 inhabitants. However, Vodice is a true touristic attraction and there are many activities that could be done here and many places to visit. You can never get bored while in Vodice and the main activities here are:

1)Visit numerous cultural monuments

Besides its natural attractions, Vodice is also a city with a rich history. The historians think that this city was founded by the Roman Empire and there are many architectural proofs to sustain that allegation. While there you can visit some of the cultural monuments like the church of Our Lady of Carmel, Coric Tower, the church of St. Cross, the bell tower and the church of St. Ilia the prophet.

2) Sunbathe on the endless beaches

Vodice has some of the finest beaches of the world, with the smoothest sand. The most popular beach in Vodice is sandy beach called “Blue beach”. There are also beach Hangar, beach Imperial and beach Srima. If you want to cool down a little, you can go for a swim in the Adriatic Sea. The water is incredibly warm and welcoming in this part of the year. The sea is very calm and you shouldn’t worry about any big waves. The weather will allow you to stay on the beach, even after sunset. We recommend you do to so, as the feeling is simply amazing.


3) Go cycling

If you come to Vodice you will certainly want to visit the surroundings. What better way of doing that, than by cycling around the place? There are many organized trips, which will allow you to admire the nearest attractions in a pleasant and interesting way. The paths are well drawn so you won’t get lost, if you decide to travel by yourself. Also, by following a cycling track, you will be able to cover the whole city and admire the biggest attractions.

4) Visit the Krk National Park

While in Vodice, you should make every second count and visit the neighboring attractions. One of them is the Krk National Park, a location which is just 30 minutes away from Vodice. The park is a great place to find your inner-self, to cherish the natural wonders and to admire some unique species of animals or plants, species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The biggest attraction of Krk National Park is the Skradinski Buk. You can look at the whole area as to a natural pool, surrounded by different waterfalls and cascades. The view is astonishing and it’s hard to believe that mother nature did all that by herself.

NP Krka1

5) Sail away

It’s a pity to find yourself in the coastal region of Dalmatia and not go on the sea. Vodice has some great boat renting services and you can rent one too, for a small fee. Sailing away on the Adriatic Sea, doesn’t compare with anything in the world. The feeling is great when you immerse yourself into the endless sea, leaving the shore behind you. The wind gently blowing into your face and the sunshine will make you feel like a famous explorer, which is just about to discover some new lands. While on the sea, you should also look back at the shore. The only thing that you can notice now, are the imposing houses, placed right by the beach. Their overwhelming design is drawing your attention, and you cannot decide which one is the most beautiful. Each one brings something unique to the city behind you and you dream that you will have a house like that, sometimes. It’s getting dark so you return to the shore.

Sailing in Croatia

Vodice is a great place and it is no wonder that visitors are deciding to buy a real estate in Vodice. In case you cannot afford it, you can always come for holidays. The certain fact is that Vodice remains one of the most interesting vacation places in Croatia and will certainly provide an amazing experience for you and your family.