Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: A Must Ingredient in Home Remedies for Skin and Hair

Coconut Oil

We use coconut oil on a regular basis for pampering our hair and skin. This oil is enriched with vitamin E which provides awesome benefits when it is added in various beauty treatments. To make sure your skin and hair get optimum benefits, always use pure organic cold pressed coconut oil.

What is Cold Pressed Method?

This is the conventional process of makingextra-virgin coconut oilwhere no chemicals are used. The fleshes of developed coconuts are squeezed with a wooden press toprocure 100% pure coconut oil concentratedat a temperature less than 25 degree Celsius.

Continue reading to know about how extra-virgin coconut oil can embellish your glory.

Heal Cracked Skin

The oil can retrieve charm in dull and rough skin. If your skin already gets chapped extremely due to dryness then, the following tips will provide you an assured result.


  • Few drops of glycerine
  • Coconut oil

Mix both the ingredients and keep massaging it until it gets absorbed to the skin. Do this every time after you apply soap. It will repair your skin and give you youthful skin within 3 days.

Natural Skin Cleanser

Apart from moisturizing it also purifies the skin deeply. The oil is widely used for removing make-up, dirt, and grimes. Apply the oil after rinsing your face with a face-wash. Massage the oil and allow it to penetrate in the skin. This will extract the dirt from deeper layer and clear open the pores retaining the elasticity of the skin.

Home-made Sunscreen Body Lotion

A moisturizing body lotion is a must in the winter even if we may not use it throughout the year. Cold pressed coconut oil will give you smooth and vibrant skin in the winter.


  • Shea butter
  • Extra-virgin coconut oil

Blend both the components well and apply every day in the winter. Prepare this lotion every time freshly as this lotion can’t be preserved for later. Both the shea butter and coconut oil works as UV rays protector shield. So, be confident to get outside in the sunny morning without using any sunscreen if this lotion is already applied.

Get Rid of Dandruff

Merely using the coconut oil itself is enough to prevent dandruff from its occurring. But if you are already suffering from dandruff then this easy homeremedy will scrape off the problem permanently.


  • Fenugreek Seeds
  • 100% pure Coconut Oil

What all you need to do is, just boil the fenugreek seeds in the oil. Massage the oil when it becomes cool. This oil can be preserved for more than 2 months. Use the oil every alternate day to get quick results.

Repair Damaged Hair

Pure coconut oil prevents hair from exhausting its protein. This fallible remedy even stimulates dry hair.


  • Honey
  • Cold pressed coconut oil

Heat up the oil slightly. Blend it with honey well and keep it aside until it becomes cool. Now apply the oil finely on the hair so that every strand can get the oil. Keep it for an hour then rinse your hair with shampoo. Do this at least twice a week. You will notice a remarkable change in the first instance. Honey makes hair soft and bouncy.Mixing the oil will help honey to penetrate in the strands adding shimmer to your lifeless hair.

Cold pressed coconut oil is a powerful ingredient forDIY hair and skin care processes.This oil is soluble so mix components as needed toget splendid results. This non-greasy quick absorbent oil can be used for a long time and does not gets mutilated with temperature variance.